Guardians of the Galaxy

In german, there is a failure in the translation: There it is called "Response: After you play an upgrade OR (That is the failure) an ally, draw 1 card"

That is a tremendous difference, there you can drop card after card when playing leadership with triscallion and knowhere and updates for allies like yondu. The thinking is, that you push the allies as strong attacker without getting Response-damage.

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Beta Ray Bill

Very undecided. But using Bifrost to go get Beta Ray seems fun. Not sure if five is worth it though, but the three attack is so tempting. I do play the ally Thor (Odinson), this is not strictly better, but it has my attention.

In Thor, "For Asgard!" can also find him (you can use God of Thunder to pay for it) and Team-Building Exercise - which I play in Thor anyway because he has several Asgard cards - can reduce the cost by one. I don't think you get the Team-Building reduction with The Bifrost. Still expensive (use second God of Thunder to help pay), but combos nicely with Defender of the Nine Realms, which will also help pay him because you're drawing two cards when you engage that enemy. That said, I haven't tried this and am also undecided about him! — GrootForPresident · 14
Smash the Problem

Looks like this would be great in Hulk because of the low cost, especially if you can ready him afterwards. Probably good in Spider-Woman too because she can get big stats, pay for it with Finesse, and then ready with Self-Propelled Glide.


This is my all-time favorite ally. Cheap for blocks in certain builds, but that's only a small part of it.

With the right teammates and strategy, you can make a ridiculously strong combination with Cosmo. As an example, Cosmo is in Spider-Woman's deck and gets played. Spider-Woman gives Cosmo an Honorary Avenger. If you really wanted to go all out, an X-Man ally, specifically Storm (For reasons I'll explain later) could play Honorary X-Men on Cosmo. Now Cosmo has the tags for Guardian, Avenger, and X-Man. Here's where the fun begins:

Depending on what aspects you choose as Spider Woman, (Or if you play as Adam Warlock with an Avenger/X-men teammate) You can now play upgrades and supports for Cosmo until she is insanely powerful and to your liking. Including but not limited to:

Leadership: Laser Blaster (Guardian) Danger Room Training (X-men) Sky Cycle (Avenger) - This one is extra important since we can give Cosmo more than one activation per turn. Comms Implant (Guardian) Power Gloves (Avenger) Inspired Team Training

Aggression: Boot Camp Energy Spear (Guardian) Enraged - This Upgrade will have no downside if you are using one of a few select strategies to prevent Cosmo from taking any consequential damage

Protection: Protective Training (X-men)

Sidearm C.I.T.T - Another really important one if you intend on using Cosmo more than once/twice per round.

Clearly Leadership and Aggression are the more important ones.

Now that you have Cosmo upgraded, you need a strategy to prevent her from taking Consequential damage, and there's quite a few. If you or a teammate is playing Doctor Strange, your Invocation Deck is made up of 100% Event cards. If your X-Men ally is playing Storm, her Environment deck will also work. If you are solo, or dont have either of the other options, Spider Woman's alter Ego action to prevent consequential damage once per round. After that, you will be relying on Cosmo's buffed hp, and cards like First Aid Med Team to heal her up between activations. Using cards like Shake it Off or Ready for Action to give Cosmo tough will also prevent some consequential damage depending on the aspects you've chosen (Your teammates can fill the other aspect roles if they so desire).

If all is setup, Cosmo can activate 2-4 times per turn, dealing a bunch of overkill and piercing damage and taking no consequential damage in return. Depending on the scenario, Cosmo can also thwart for quite a bit depending on upgrades.


So far, the most ideal way to set this up is for a Spider Woman player to team up with a Storm player. Spider woman will play Aggression and Leadership with an Honorary Avenger, and Storm will play Protection with an Honorary X-men. Every time Cosmo activates, just choose the "Support" card type, and discard the top of Storm's weather deck. You're guaranteed to be correct, and Cosmo will take no damage.

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I don't think Storm's Weather Deck has a Discard Pile, and has no-way to reshuffle discarded cards back into the Weather Deck. Storm's Weather Control ability and the Weather Goddess event swap (not discard) the current one for one of your choice from the deck. With this wording I'd say you COULD name "Support" and discard from the Weather Deck, but there's no way to get that discarded card BACK into the weather deck. (I could totally be wrong though!) — AvengersAssemble · 52
@AvengersAssemble You may be right. Even so, Doctor Strange's invocation deck will work! ☺ — BravoXray · 2
Looking at the Storm insert, it talks about the Weather Deck. It uses the word Deck specifically. It doesn't have a discard pile, but based on the wording on the cards, it should still work. — J__G · 82

The german Text of this card is wrong ... it shows Spider-Hams Allie Text and his name.

Please tell me if there are better ways to show mistakes in my Mother Language. I would like to aprove this site :D

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