Iceman is a strong ally that's a no-brainer for X-Men theme decks and very playable even outside of them. Stunning and confusing minions isn't usually something you would go out of your way to do, but it's a fantastic ability to be stapled onto an ally that's already a fair rate. If a big minion comes down, stunning it gives you an extra turn to accumulate damage. If you are 2 turns away from killing the villain, stunning a newly drawn minion lets you focus your damage on the villain over that 2-turn window. You can keep an extra minion in play before using an AoE attack. All these little uses add up and make Iceman a versatile ally that will still get you 4 damage and a block even if no minion is drawn. This makes Iceman a protection staple in my book, and you need a compelling reason to leave him on the sideline.

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This card is very similar to iron fist — Kubanio1234 · 1
In ability, perhaps, but stunning the villain is so much better than stunning a minion, so I would put Iron Fist ahead by a fair margin — Stretch22 · 347

You can “overpay” for Hank Pym if using Make the Call, because when paying for a cost you can always generate additional resources, and Hank Pym specifically enables you to “use” those overpaid resources to give him HP

source: #83

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War Room

This has the potential to be very efficient threat removal over the course of a long game, but there is a point where efficiency fails due to slow speed. It's really important to have your threat removal deal with side schemes, and this can't do that alone in a timely manner. War Room also fails to tip the balance from a you-killing-minions strategy to an allies-killing-minions strategy. Cards like Chase Them Down and Hall of Heroes are staples for aggression, and they won't be activated when an ally kills a minion. There are many other great cards like Magik, overkill cards, and if this attack defeats cards that provide extra value or are really good at killing minions that would have to get sidelined by a War Room strategy. War Room is niche playable at best, and certainly give yourself other options for threat removal in the game if you include the card.

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Although expensive as mentioned by others, I see its value as "reach" card. Take Venoms weapons for example. His multigun and pistols do 2 damage in one activation at best. Their value derives slowly over turns, especially when setup early. I'm imagining situations where elite minion's (6/7+ health) show up or you've reduce the villain to <10 health but wont make it further than a turn or two.

Thats where Fusillade fits. Its a card that gives flexibility at the downside of being rather expensive. Its a card for quickly handling bigger threats.

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In the situations where you’re replacing 2 damage with 5 damage, you’re only actually getting 3 damage for a 2 cost card, which is a really bad rate. — Doogiesham · 3
This card is alright when you have a weapon that inherently doesn’t need to tap to have an effect — Doogiesham · 3
"Think Fast!"

Worth noting : taking 1 damage isn't a cost so you can do it even if you have a Tough status ! I just recently realized that :p

Also, that is a very good card !
If you have a Crew Quarters or good healing in general you can basically pay for this every turn in solo or multiplayer :)

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