Psychic Assault

Confusing the villain is worth about two resources on its own, so getting three damage stapled on for just the cost of a card is a nice value. One of the few ways to access Confuse in Aggression, though fairly restricted on which decks can use it due to the trait requirement.

Fry · 159
Mission Training

As with all of the X-men training upgrades, it's a pretty good value over time. Imagine the smallest ally, someone like Forge, who usually thwarts for one and then blocks. With a Mission Training, now that ally can thwart three times for a total of six threat removed, and still block. That's an increase of five threat removal, for 1+card, which is better value than you can get almost anywhere else, though it does take several turns to receive the full value. For bigger allies (higher THW and/or more HP) you can see even bigger gains for the same price.

Fry · 159
Mutant Peacekeepers

I don't understand this card. Why wouldn't you just thwart with your heroe and allies instead? If you have to exhaust your hero and allies, what's the point? I just don't get it.

I don't understand at all.

smdavis94 · 7
The allies don't take consequential damage — Evilbob · 1
You can distribute the threat removed as needed so you don't waste thwart.Also, even among heroes, there's a lot of team-up cards — szrlm · 3
Those team-up cards ready heroes, so it allows you to exhaust your fellow players out of turn order to not waste a ready. — szrlm · 3
Electrostatic Armor

An absolute staple of Protection that came out in the first wave of cards. Any Hero that intends to Defend frequently makes exceptional useof this card. If you are able to get it out early enough, Electrstatic Armor could easily deal 6 damage over the course of the game, making it an excellent value at only one cost.

The new Defense rules only did this card a favor, allowing for dealing damage if any card with (defense) is played, Previously, you had to actively exhaust to be considered the defender of an attack.

Judicator82 · 90
SP//dr Command

Very powerful once you're set up - discarding a card to ready Host Spider, and by extension your hero, is good value.

Especially valuable at the end of late game All Systems Go! turns: attack, use attack interface, ready with Host Spider, Thwart, use Thwart interface, ready interfaces with All Systems Go, ready with Host Spider, attack, use attack interface, Command to ready Host Spider to ready hero, Thwart, use Thwart interface.

If you don't need that much Thwarting, or on earlier turns, you've also got the option to draw a card for an unused interface, which is great. Don't sleep on this card!

Fry · 159