I have seen some people complain about situations where Wolverines claws are in their opening hand.

If you mulligan them before the setup phase, and then they're in your discard pile, and you draw back up.

So just start with them set aside.

Underwood · 1
You cannot start with them set aside because it against the rules. And you can draw them after you Mulligan so you won't be able to find them. — SCMan · 1
Breaking and Entering

This is a card with way better flavor than gameplay value. A rare thwart action that can be played in alter-ego form because the character is sneaky enough in civilian mode to infiltrate a location and cause disruption. I love it. As far as gameplay is concerned, this is a strictly worse For Justice! aside from the form restriction, and the efficiency of 1 threat removed per resource is the bottom of the barrel for thwarts. Just because you can imagine a situation where this is valuable as a thwart in AE doesn't mean its a good thing to plan on doing. If you want to go for the achievement of winning a solo game never going to Hero form, this is definitely the card for you, but I will be leaving it on the sideline.

Stretch22 · 248
Battle Fury

Importantly, at the time of writing, the ruling listed here has been updated and effectively overruled by FFG (which is something that happens fairly regularly, so be logical when it comes to which developer rulings you choose to follow, and don't take them as being written in stone).

Taking damage is not the same as dealing damage. So you can prevent the damage (for example, with Tough) and still be considered as having paid the cost, as the damage was dealt, it just wasn't taken. See Ruling #260 on Hall of Heroes (amongst others affected by this new ruling).

As far as actual reviews go, Battle Fury is pretty invaluable if your hero regularly has 3+ ATK available to them, and has decent defensive ability and recovery. In multiplayer, this combos heavily with decks that focus on readying, like Repurpose-focused protection decks, Quicksilver, or stat-boosters like Spectrum and Rogue, as you can hand them out to the rest of your team. So think beyond just how useful it is for your own hero to ready up!

In solo, Battle Fury can also be a way to get an extra use of your hero's native THW so it can be a bit like having a Chase Them Down sat in play for when you really need it. — adsarf · 215

Similar to Deft Focus, X-Gene is an efficient resource upgrade that can't be built around because it only pays for cards that come in your hero's identify-specific card set. Among the mutants we have so far, here is how many identity-specific events they have that cost at least 1 resource and a comment on whether or not I would play it in their deck.

Wolverine (10) - Sometimes play. Despite having the most eligible events, there are two mitigating factors. 1 - Wolverine often spends all game in hero form, making this unplayable except on turn one. 2 - He can play one attack event per turn with the claws, so you can't use X-Gene as often as you like. Still such a high count of other events that it's reasonable to play the Gene.

Rogue (10) - Always play. Rogue needs all the help she can get setting up economy

Storm (9) - Always play. High count and powerful events. No-brainer

Phoenix (8) - Usually play. A bit hard to make use of early, but once you're unleashed, your events are your best cards.

Shadowcat (7) - Usually play

Gambit (7) - Usually play

Cyclops (6) - Usually play. Cyclops decks are often high-synergy and based around allies, so off-theme card slots are slim. That being said, Cyclops goes through his deck really fast, and Phoenix can grab an event back. I like it here.

Colossus (3) - Rarely play. It only pays for Steel Fist

Even with Colossus, X-Gene is never embarrassing to play because it takes only 2 uses to break even on resources, and you can often use it the same turn you play it. This card will be a staple of X-Men decks.

Stretch22 · 248
Moira MacTaggert

An Avengers Mansion for X-Men heroes that only triggers half your turns but is half the cost (ok 60%). And that half of turns is only if you are flipping between hero and alter ego every turn. Some heroes like Cyclops and Colossus are happy to do that, but others that don't get much benefit from alter ego form might trigger Moira even less. Moira is definitely on the slower side, but card draw is always powerful, and Moira is cheap enough that you can probably play something else the same turn you play her to not fall too far behind.

Where Moira clearly shines is multiplayer, as even in 2-player you can get her to trigger every turn if both players are opposite forms. In a 3 or 4 player game, she should be almost guaranteed to trigger every turn, making her way better than Avengers Mansion. Between cards like Moira, The X-Jet, Danger Room, and X-Mansion, multiplayer X-Men teams are far stronger than the sum of their parts.

Stretch22 · 248