Never Back Down

If you're playing an Armored Vest type of deck, which basic defends regularly, this is a great way to get effectively two defenses in one (by stuffing a later attack with the Stun). One of the rare ways to inflict Stun in the middle of the villain phase, which has value at higher player counts.

Much less effective against Steady/Stalwart villains, to the point where almost any other defense card would be better. I try to build fairly general purpose decks, so I don't like to include large numbers of this in case I'm up against Thanos or whoever.

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Symbiote Suit

I think the best heroes this card fit is Wolverine. He can benefit the 10+ hit point to easily pay attack events. Combine with +1 card and +1 attack, he can have insane round. Nevertheless, it's still situational. I don't think i want to play this kind of card at the begining of a game.

Seems like a card that needs to pretty specific reason if it's used in lower player counts. — TheMaskedHero · 9
I do also wonder if putting this on a hero with higher than average stats is really all it's chalked up to be or if there would be diminishing returns. Better off taking a stat from 1 to 2 than 3 to 4. — TheMaskedHero · 9
Mutant Protectors

This card combos really nicely with Colossus. Lowers his cost even further, Colossus defends with his Tough status & can be used again later for an attack 3 and another defend. Polaris works well with this card too, she even gives the extra flexibility of allowing the player to choose which X-Man receives the Tough status

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Hulk makeover:


Bruce Banner: Action (thwart): Remove 1 threat from a scheme (once per round). Banner may perform heroic action thwart only with no other tags in events as if he is in hero form. Hand: 5.

Hulk: Gains +1 attack per Rage token on your identity. Hand 4.

Setup card: Your identity cannot transform through normal means. After you thwart place 1 rage counter on your identity. After you attack, remove 1 rage counter from your identity. Forced Interrupt: Whenever there are 5 or more rage counters on Bruce Banner, transform him to Hulk. Whenever there is 0 rage counter on Hulk, transform him to Bruce Banner.


The preview window and the description is missing the consequential damage icons. (Its shown correctly on the image though).

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