Costo: 1.

Assegna a un alleato Guardiano. Massimo 1 per alleato.

L'alleato con questa miglioria riceve +2 ATT e i suoi attacchi ottengono Perforante.

Jeremy Haun
Nebula #32.
Lancia di Energia

This card seems surprisingly pushed to me. If it gives you 4 extra damage from two attacks, that's already amazing, and not asking you to do much more than you already would with a 3-health ally. Not to mention the huge upside of piercing and using this on a regenerating ally like Bug or Cosmo. With Honorary Guardian added to our card pool as well, there are lots of possibilities to get insane value out of this upgrade. I am excited to build around it.

Stretch22 · 522
It sits alphabetically right in front of Enraged - close enough to hear the other card crying. This was clearly an intentional design decision. — Death by Chocolate · 4
a nice combination is "cosmo" + "enraged" + "energy spear" in a Dr. Strange deck. You can do 6 damage each turn with no consecutive damage because you discard the top event card from your invocation deck, what could you ask more — krys619 · 4
You mean 5 damage? Cosmo’s base damage is 1. But yeah, you can stack them. — Death by Chocolate · 4
Yondu + Energy Spear + Inspired + Sky Cycle + Laser Pistol = 5 damage twice per turn with no consequential damage <3 — KLSanchez · 20
This “weapon” counts towards your restricted limit — cbjuland · 8
(I wish you could edit comments !) — cbjuland · 8
Does this count towards your restricted limit? (Sorry about the multiple posts) — cbjuland · 8
It is not restricted. Never mind. Admin, please delete these comments from me. — cbjuland · 8