Preemptive Strike

The rules change to Defense makes this card much stronger than it looks. It can make you a Defending character long after the basic defense window is passed, but the real power of this card lies in its power to save a Tough card. Effectively, you make a basic defense when attacked by the Villain. This lowers the Villain's attack by your defense. Preemptive Strike takes out the Villan's boost card. What does this mean? It means if the Villain's attack is equal to or lower than your defense, its attack is zero. With no boost cards, it will deal no damage. Which means any existing Tough cards you have on you are saved for another attack! I find this card is great in Protection cards that run Tough, like Doctor Strange or Colossus!

Soulfire · 23
Bombs Away

The great thing about this card is that it is a Hero Action and NOT an Attack Action. Vision with Solar Gem (i.e. becoming Aerial, required to play this card) in play really likes this card, because he can stay Intangible.

t0biwan · 2
Med Lab

This card is absolutely amazing. I run this card in a Captain Marvel deck where everyone is low cost, alongside Team-Building Exercise and Helicarrier. This lets you cycle cheap allies with low hit points, constantly recycling them off of Med Lab while getting lots of small damage hits and thwart actions. Maria Hill actually comes out for free AND draws you a card! You will always have an ally on the verge of Consequential Damage death, making the Med Lab a revolving door for allies! I actually consider this card better than Make The Call because Med Lab still is considered to be played "from hand", allowing economy cards to work with it, whereas the only card that works with Make The Call is Power of Leadership.

If you run a lot of cheap allies, seriously consider giving this card a shot - especially together with economy supports.

Soulfire · 23
Black Knight

Only four aspect ally get piercing (at this moment we waiting for Age of Apocalypse box). Black Knight is second best (only behind Wolverine).

I thing Black Knight is still very solid option to consider in any leadership deck. If you compare him to Marvel Boy (one cost cheaper agression ally).. you got potentially 3 piercing for 4 resources. Which can be very good. But usually we use his ability just once (when he jump into play, or on the second point of damage). Outside Aggresion this is only viable option to constantly pierce. Plus Black Knight is Avenger, which can be crucial to put him to play cheaper.

Final Rating: (A-c) A in scenario with many toughs B in the rest of games

nosiak · 21
Bombs Away

I have mixed feelings about this card. I sometimes want it to be an attack event, so I can use Honed Technique with it, but there's value in being able to deal damage when it's not an attack (gets around guard). Archangel can still boost it to 5 damage but other Aerial characters feel more limited using it. It forces you to bring more aerial allies into your deck, so you can utilize it more without exhausting your hero.

DoxaLogos · 206