Connection to the Worldmind

At the start of the game, and at the end of the player phase, you draw cards until you reach your hand size. Remember to forget to count Connection to the Worldmind when you're doing so!

If you get Connection as a "free" draw at one of those times, it's a bit like drawing a double resource, as it's worth and it comes with a second card stapled on. Sometimes it's worth more (if it comes with an actual double resource), sometimes it's worth less (if you get it from a non-"free" draw, such as off Unleash Nova Force).

Fry · 159
Hit and Run

One of the strongest/most efficient things you can do with Ms. Marvel is utilize Shrink and Embiggen every turn, and this card really helps to fill in the gaps, for instance smoothing between plays of Clear the Area and Turn the Tide. It's also great for clearing a status card while performing another action.

Bbyowll · 22
Just make sure you do your "other action" first, because Stun/Confuse will cancel your entire Hit and Run. — Fry · 159
I don't see that — Bbyowll · 22

It's not the best card in current pool about staying ready before defending. But it's gets keyword response. Not forced, so it can be very versatile Rank: B+ (one copy in many of protection decks even today can be a ok option.

nosiak · 2
Power Gloves

A decent damage trickle for any ally you're planning to use 3+ times; handy in that it works on Thwarty allies, not just attacking allies. Plinks off Tough status, softens up or finishes off minions so you don't waste full attacks on them, etc. Note that this effect isn't itself an attack, so you can use this to help work around enemies with Retaliate, which can sometimes be a problem for allies that attack.

A staple card of "Voltron" style decks that run Avenger allies.

Fry · 159

Fairly situational for heroes that don't have extra forms to switch to, and for the heroes that DO have extra forms, it's usually low-impact (as those usually aren't the heroes that get lots of extra readies to take advantage of a stat boost). I prefer my situational cards to be high-impact, so I'm rewarded on the occasions when the card isn't being discarded as a resource.

May have some value in a R&D Facility / Go All Out style deck, as it provides resources for R&D's requirement while also giving a hefty (if temporary) stat boost to power up Go All Out. OK for heroes that ready frequently (Quicksilver, Ghost-Spider) if you're playing them in Leadership, just maybe don't play a full three copies so they don't clunk up your hand at a bad time.

Fry · 159