Amka Aliyak



Costo: 4.
Punti Ferita: 3.
Attack: 0. Thwart: 0.

Risposta/b>: Dopo che Snowguard รจ entrata in gioco, colloca fino a 3 gettoni transizione su di essa. Mentre i gettoni transizione su questa carta sono pari a (X), Snowguard riceve:

(1) +3 ATT e i suoi attacchi ottengono Sopraffazione.

(2) +3 INT e ottiene il tratto Aereo.

(3) +5 punti ferita e ottiene Ritorsione 1.

Ironheart #23.

Probably the most versatile ally in the game and an auto-include in many decks. She is the only non-Hero ally with 3 THW for 1 CD (and one of very few with 3 ATT for 1 CD) which means that in any deck running any ways to heal her or increase her HP, she is godlike as a thwarting machine.

She will be in the first 3 allies included in almost all decks I play, save a few with such a small hand size that they can't play her.

Levati · 176

All I can think of when I see this card is how much it reminds me of the Serra Angel from MtG: Revised. It cost a little more than you wanted, but it was such an incredible asset with surprising versatility. Also the wings, I guess.

I won't lie, any time I am willing to have a four-cost ally (which isn't all that often, to be honest) this one could give Fury a run for his money. Snowguard becoming an 8HP wall with retaliate could really solve a lot of problems for some decks.

A 3THW ally could be a literal game changer for an Aggression or Protection deck.

And to be frank, Basic cards are typically a little overpriced because of their ability to be in any deck, which means Snowguard may actually be slightly undercosted for what she's capable of.

MacGhille · 215