Phoenix and the Danger Room + Cerebro Thwarting Machine

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Andrahil · 2240

The X-men with justice are beasts of Thwarting.

  • Cards

First priority, get the Danger Room and Cerebro on the field.

With Cerebro you can search your deck every turn for any Ally (thanks to Phoenix being Psionic).

Then once you get that Ally in the field you give it a Mission Training thanks to Danger Room. You should almost never be using it from hand.

That by itself is a 3 Thwarting 5 hp Ally for a cost of 3 resources (remember, you get an Ally for free each turn). And then you add X-Mansion to it to heal one of them back every turn.

Then you have Game Time, 3 extra thwarting for a 0 cost card.

There are a lot of extra support cards, your typical Avengers Mansion, Helicarrier, Down Time, the new The X-Jet and Utopia, and you also want to get Phoenix Suit and Rise from the Ashes out. This are not a priority, get them out when you can, having some is great value but don't think you must have them all.

  • Gameplay

You have to swap every turn. Being in alter ego form is necessary to get Cerebro and Danger Room going. Only if you have 4 allies out can you stay in Hero form.

How you handle the force counter and Phoenix Force A and Phoenix Force B depends on the needs of the encounter. If you are fine thwarting for 3-4 every hero turn and generally keeping threat under control, then don't spend all your counters.

If otherwise you need more damage to clean minions or feel like your allys are handling the schemes (will usually happen), then use up all your counters (mainly with your hero ability Psionic Bond) and start blasting.

The 3 attack from being Unleashed is nice, but the main gain are the extra effects on Psychic Blast, Telekinetic Attack and Telepathic Trickery. This are very strong and you can probably stay in Unleashed form until the villain dies.

  • Allies

First things first, this allies are not cannon fodder. Lots of decks use 2 cost allys to do one thing and block an attack, this is not the case except for Professor X, but he is a debatable adition to the deck.

Blindfold, Cyclops, Marvel Girl and Storm will have 3 thwarting and 5 hp with Mission Training, they are very high value and need to stay in the board for long.

You will usually be in hero form one turn, defend or take the villain attack to the face, then change to alter ego and heal up with White Hot Room, then do it again next turn before changing to Hero. Using your own recover if needed.

Remember, you have Rise from the Ashes, you can and must take the risk to be the sack of meat for the enemy to punch, Down Time also helps with that.

  • Final notes

This deck shines in multiplayer and can easily handle all the thwarting for a party in expert or heroic depending on the villain.

In single player you will rely a lot more on going Unleashed to clean minions and deal damage to end the game, but it is still very good.

Remember to use Psychic Manipulation with caution, its very expensive and only to be used if the plan is close to completion, especially before your allies are in place or if you lose several in quick succession.

  • Updates

Bishop will very likely be added to the deck.


Oct 02, 2022 WololoYouBlueNow · 1

Looks great, can't wait to give it a go.

Oct 02, 2022 Trinaranjus · 1

We just defeated Red Skull and Thanos on Heroic 1 with this by my side as Ironman Protection, can vouch for its thwarting capacity.

Oct 03, 2022 dr00 · 41905

great deck!

Oct 04, 2022 Beldan · 1

Am I missing something? Cerebro says it's an alter ego action, how can you use it when you are Phoenix? Don't you have to be Jean Grey? The part about all deck is just for how many cards you can look at isn't it?

Oct 04, 2022 Beldan · 1

Sorry, can't delete the comment, lol. I looked again and I see your notes about changing every round.

Oct 04, 2022 Andrahil · 2240

@dr00 Thanks! one of my first decks was your Nerf This SP//dr :D

@Beldan Don't worry man xD

By the way I'm considering running more allys, just to use as a resource when Cerebro has done its job and the good ones are in play. And a second Danger Room, to draw it earlier.

Oct 04, 2022 dr00 · 41905

@Andrahil very cool! ty. can't wait to see more of yours :D

Oct 05, 2022 Durand · 54

Cool deck, though I'm surprised to see no Team-Building Exercise. I think you could run multiple since you're so ally focused and because many of Phoenix's kit have the psionic keyword too. They're a cheaper alternative to helicarrier and the avengers mansion.

Oct 06, 2022 Andrahil · 2240

Hey, I considered Team-Building Exercise but allies stay in play for a very long time, Cyclops basically never leaves with X-Mansion, and the others have 4 thwartings to do before going down. 5 when I play with a Leadership player who gives me [Team Training].(/card/04016)

This means you don't play allies most turns, Helicarrier works every turn so it is worth it for 1 extra cost, and even if you don't need it, someone else will apreciate it.

Avengers Mansion is more of a situational thing, if you come by it and its the right moment for it, play it, it wil bring a lot of value for sure. If you can't afford it that turn, it is because you have other good options to play, so not much is lost.

Oct 25, 2022 RyanHester · 1


Cool Deck. I plan on trying it out. 2 comments based on the other responses that I see. I don't think you can have a second Danger Room since it's a unique card. Also, Team Building Exercise isn't restricted to just allies. It would be helpful since Phoenix has both the X-Men and Psionic traits. She can use it for Psychic Blast, Psychic Manipulation, Telekinetic Attack, Telepathic Trickery, Cerebro, Danger Room, The X-Jet, Utopia, X-Mansion, Mental Paralysis, Mind Control, and Telekinetic Shield. Including allies, there's 21 cards in your deck that Team-Building Exercise could help pay for.

Oct 28, 2022 Alexin · 205

@Andrahil Nice deck. I am running a close version, inspired by yours, with a few tweaks. I´d suggest to include Soul Sisters to start with

Nov 06, 2022 Sluggie · 4

No Soul Sisters for Storm? It is pretty much THE reason to run the expensive girl - esp if you are buffing her so she is hanging around!

Nov 07, 2022 warboykurgan · 1

@andrahil I'm afraid Danger Room is unique and you can only have one on your deck.

Nov 16, 2022 Vortilion · 193

Playing this deck through the campaign. I do like it, but the main combo is not very present…. Most times I have to play my allies without them. There were only a handful situations I could really use them both to play a Ally immediately with the training. Deck is still very strong, but in my experience so far the combo is not that strong as it sounds. Against Mother Mold it really struggles, cause you get punished heavily for going alter ego.

Jan 08, 2023 Billyboki · 51

Very good build and very cheap to make. I add 2 X Meditation cards because they help me play some high cost upgrades in alter - ego form.

Jan 17, 2023 SpiderPK · 89

Cerebro then Forge and Danger Room what else !

Feb 17, 2023 Andrahil · 2240

@Vortilion I don't see how is the combo not present. The only requirement is to have an ally in the deck and to be in Alter-Ego. Danger Room will work unless the 3 Mission Training are already in play since it get's the card from either the deck or the discard pile.

If you run out of allys in the deck you can always run more, but they should be in the field for so long that should not be the case unless you are not playing them when they show up.

@Sluggie and @Alexin make a good suggestion with Soul Sisters I just don't like cards that require another specific card to be used. Also Storm is not my first choice with Cerebro, she is quite expensive.

May 20, 2023 Deliveryman · 1

If you have to change form every turn, isn't Moira MacTaggert a great card to have?

Aug 23, 2023 energythief · 14

I added Soul Sisters and Forge in lieu of 2 Game Time and it seems to help the combo get rolling faster.