Marvel Girl
Rachel Summers


Psionic. X-Men.

Costo: 3.
Punti Ferita: 3.
Attack: 1. Thwart: 2.

Interrupt: When Marvel Girl Attacks a minion, remove X threat from the main scheme, where X is that minion's printed SCH.

"Whatever it is you're up to, it's over now."
Phoenix #15.
Marvel Girl

Rachel is my absolute favorite Marvel character and it is a shame she gets next to zero representation in most games. She is in Marvel Champions as this Ally card and she's..... fine. She is not great, but she's also not awful. The statline is acceptable for a double 2 thwart into a block. Where she shines, however, are her traits. Being X-MEN and PSIONIC allows her to get you value from cards like Training cards and Cerebro and she benefits from both. She's also a solid choice in a Cyclops deck, where she can help her adopted Dad handle threat and attack minions he's targeted with Tactic cards.

If she didn't have her traits I'd rate her a solid C, but with them I think she can comfortably call herself a B Student at the school.

Soulfire · 23

Stats- and cost-wise she's Agent Coulson with a different ability. Agent Coulson will give you draw which is incredibly, whereas Marvel Girl lets her attack and thwart simultaneously. To go further into her ability, there are tons of minions in the game that have 2 scheme, meaning that for the purposes of thwarting the main scheme, attacking a minion will be simply more efficient. However, if you give her Mission Training, you'd be hard pressed to find a minion with 3 printed SCH, as there is a grand total of 8 in the whole game (one of which is from Print and Play set and another from a Nemesis set) at the time of writing this, making her ability harder to get good value of. A thing to consider is attacking minions with 1 HP left, which would produce value beyond just the sum of her ATK and the target's SCH. Also, keep in mind her ability is hard-countered by the Crisis Icon.

To compare further to Agent Coulson, they both provide good traits. Coulson is a Spy, so he allows you to play cards like Spycraft and Marvel Girl is a Psionic, which lets you use Cerebro's full deck search.

You could also try to give her Sidearm and/or (with help from another players) cards like Attack Training (instead of Mission Training) to make her a well-rounded workhorse.

Alatreon · 69