Phoenix the headhunting fitness instructor

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darkphoenix · 1

She will look for you, she will find you, and she will train you.

Mulligan target is Danger Room, Forge or Cerebro. I feel that having these 3 cards giving you access to get the main combo rolling brings a lot of consistency to the deck.

Get Danger Room in play ASAP. Cerebro will be helpful, but there are so many allies in the deck that you should naturally draw into a few, but definitely play it if you draw it. I'll add White Hot Room as a card you really should not discard.

Swap every turn between alter-ego and hero form, making sure to use Cerebro and playing your allies while in alter-ego to trigger Danger Room which makes you look for a Danger Room Training. Try spending Phoenix's counters while in hero form for non-ally cards.

Your hero needs to tank the villain attacks ideally, to keep your allies alive. Rise from the Ashes, White Hot Room, Telekinetic Shield and the fact you are in alter ego every turn allows you to survive and recover well. You end up having a total of 23hp and recover 5 per turn with the previously mentioned cards all in play.

Your allies can generally last a while thanks to the +1 hp from Danger Room Training, X-Mansion and Game Time. I put so many allies in the deck to provide options between attacking and thwarting, but also because Cerebro gives you an extra resource per turn in the form of an ally card once you are satisfied with your board.

Due to the nature of Dark Phoenix as a Nemesis, you want to stay in restrained form as much as possible, maybe flipping to unleashed towards the end. I am not a big fan of most of her hero cards so I end up using them as resources to play allies or the stronger hero cards, like Rise from the Ashes, Phoenix Firebird, Telekinetic Shield, Mind Control situationally, White Hot Room.

Angel is minimum 12 damage for 2 resources.

Beast is also 12 damage or 12 thwart for 2 resources.

Colossus is 12 damage for 3 resources, or 1 block 8 damage, or 16 damage if you can heal him once.

Cyclops is 12 damage or 12 thwart for 3 resources.

Gentle is 8 to 16 damage for 3 resources

Mirage is 9 thwart and generally 1 villain stun for 3 resources.

Pixie is 9 damage and 1 ally back to you for 2 resources.

Storm is 12 attack or thwart for 4 resources, but her effect and potentially soul sisters bring her value up a bit.

All this damage/thwart per resource is further improved by Game Time, Psychic Kicker and X-Mansion.

I don't include Professor X because this deck aims to have long lasting allies. You can include him if you want and take out 1 Danger Room Training.


Dec 07, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7626

If you're open to a suggestion, adding in Utopia and an Honorary X-Men (for Jean) opens up a pretty cool additional combo where you exhaust to heal with Jean first (gaining a Wild Counter). Then you Cerebro for an ally, give it a Danger Room Training as it enters play. Then with Jean having the X-Men trait while in Alter-Ego you can exhaust Utopia to ready Jean again so she can still use her THW 3 on the Hero side.

Dec 08, 2022 darkphoenix · 1

Thanks for the suggestion! That's a neat combo I hadn't thought of. An extra hp and activation for our identity is definitely always nice.

I've been thinking of taking storm and soul sisters out as it is quite a situational combo, what other cards do you think could be replaced by utopia and honorary x-men? I'm comfortable taking out 1 danger room training out too.

Dec 09, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7626

Personally, I'd swap out Soul Sisters, the Helicarrier and X-Mansion for Utopia, Honorary X AND Weapon X.

Reason for Weapon X is that if you are planning to use a recover action, you may come across a situation where you have taken damage but not the amount needed for a full 2, 3 or 5 point heal. So by taking 1 more, you would still heal but also get a card too.