Scott Summers



Costo: 3.
Punti Ferita: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 2.

Response: After Cyclops enters play, place 2 power counters on Phoenix Force.

Response: When Cyclops leaves play, remove 2 power counters from Phoenix Force.

Phoenix #3. Fenice #2.

Scott here serves as basically a fast way to "leash" Phoenix once she's been unleashed, especially if you have White-Hot Room out (which you should, bonus healing and bonus power counters are two things Jean wants desperately). This is useful if you really need to thwart, and once he's at 1hp you can kill him to probably unleash Phoenix again, which is cute. He's also just got a very solid stat spread.

That said, I end up spending him as a resource more often than not, especially once Phoenix is unleashed- there's just more powerful things you can do, and if you're on 3 power counters you're pretty much SOL. Not the best personal ally.

DaLucaray · 15
With Phoenix you want to Unleash as fast as possible, so wait to play Cyclops until then. Then use up the 2 extra power counters before he dies so you never lose them. Very efficient in the ideal case — Stretch22 · 557
The "enter play" half of this card is a Response, not a Forced Response, so you can play Cyclops without gaining power counters if you so choose. That can be helpful for unleashing a little faster, or staying unleashed in the example given in the review above. Only the "leaves play" effect is forced. — RainYupa · 7