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Phoenix and the Danger Room + Cerebro Thwarting Machine 212 178 18 2.0
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Alexin · 192

Inspired by Phoenix and the Danger Room + Cerebro Thwarting Machine, created by @Andrahil

In order to get the most of two key cards, such as Cerebro and Danger Room, we need to keep allies coming into play as long as we cycle the deck, which means allies have to be defeated now and then. This will always happen with Professor X, but we should do not really focus on keeping the others alive for long, with the exception of Storm. Not saying to use the others as chump blockers right away, but to keep in mind that we will benefit of sending them to discard pile right before a deck reshuffle. That way, we can use both Cerebro and Danger Room again.

However, I am not fully convinced with Cerebro, and think it´s perfectly playable to play without and replace it with Chance Encounter, that has a condition indeed, but it´s 0 cost to play and will search both deck and discard pile.

Concerning thwart, I look for a sinergy here between Mutant Peacekeepers, Overwatch and One Way or Another. The first grants for a big thwart just with hero and 1-2 allies, which turns into another thwart just as big with Overwatch with 0 cost. Lastly, with One Way or Another we will draw cards and help to have secondary plans in game to deal with, that is also important to get the most out of Storm. Speaking of her, she is the important ally to keep alive (how good is here Soul Sisters) so she should be main target of Game Time.

Lastly, Cyclops ally can be played around if you wait to go on unleashed condition to get rid of him.

Not much else to say. Phoenix is a very expensive to deck to play, so when adding cards from the aspect, we need to consider costs if we want the deck to run quick and smooth.