Costo: 0.

Massimo 1 per round.

Azione Eroe: Cerca nel mazzo degli incontri 1 trama secondaria. Rivela quella trama secondaria → pesca 3 carte. (Mescola il mazzo degli incontri.)

Nebula #15.
In un Modo o nell'Altro

Very interesting in a Ms. Marvel justice deck: if you have this and Multitasking in hand, search for a side scheme, reveal it, draw your cards, play Multitasking, remove 2 threats from the main scheme and the side scheme (4 and 4 if you have Shrink in play), then take back in your hand Multitasking if you need to replay it for a total of 4 or 6 to each scheme.

Plus, as we are talking about Ms. Marvel you will probably place this under Bruno Carrelli to recover it at the best moment: when you have Multitasking in hand (or also under Bruno Carrelli) and there is only 1 scheme in play and you are not in a rush to play other cards from your hand.

AlexandreP · 13
I don't get the excitement for this card outside of solo play. Sure, you are drawing 3 cards but if you don't remove the scheme for less than 2 cards than you spending a card to make the board in a worse state than if you had just used One Way as a resource instead. In solo play that is possible. In multiple player outside of niche situations like the Ms Marvel one above this card seems like a waste. — calderc23 · 78
It's mostly as a way to force the various cards that trigger on completing a side-scheme. Cards like Followed, Justice Served, or Skilled Investigator (probably the more relevant option). Aggression has a similar situation with Minions. There are a lot of cards that are anti-minion; but you may have a scenario in which Minions never enter play due to the random nature of the game. That can happen with side schemes too. The card being able to potentially break-even on its own is pretty nice. — RolandWright · 1226
In my multiplayer experience there's usually a side scheme out, so this card isn't very necessary for enabling those cards — stephenfurmanek · 6