Lucas Bishop



Costo: 3.
Punti Ferita: 3.
Attack: 0. Thwart: 2.

Response: After an enemy attacks you, place 1 energy counter here.

Interrupt: When Bishop attacks, remove each energy counter from him → for each counter discarded this way, he gets +2 ATK for this attack (to a maximum of +6 ATK).

Gambit #11.
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At baseline, this is 4 thwart + 6 damage for 4 ER which is great. However the kicker is he needs to get charged up by you getting attacked so you need to mitigate 3 attacks without Stuns. Since Justice isn't the best at doing that, it means your character kit or Allies have to do the majority of the heavy lifting. This puts him at his best when playing Colossus as he's built to take hits to the face.

Neokarasu · 33