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mooseghost · 59


Pheromones is generally considered to be a very strong card, and Steel Fist is basically Pheromones that also does 5 damage and draws you a card (thanks to Iron Will). This deck focuses on playing Steel Fist every turn to keep the villain permanently stunned and confused, and also pumps out strong sustained damage every turn. It also excels at controlling big minions due to high damage and sheer abundance of stuns.

The idea is to thin your deck by playing numerous Upgrades and Supports, and then use Plan of Attack to reliably play multiple Steel Fists and/or Drop Kicks every turn. Due to Colosuss's tremendously high economy curve, you will be able play multiple of these powerhouse cards most turns, and activate Fluid Motion while doing so. You will then often have resources left over to play Limitless Stamina (or sometimes Bulletproof Protector) to ready yourself in order to hit multiple times with your 5 or 6 ATK. As far as deck-thinning goes, Colosuss has access to plenty of juicy Upgrades to help him make the most of his thinned-out deck.

This deck's value is comprised of, primarily, huge amounts of villain control and sustained damage, and secondarily, lots of support for your teammates, especially X-Men (thanks to the The X-Jet). The deck absolutely shuts down non-Stalwart villains that rely on big activations, and handles beefy minions well due to the sheer amount of control and damage. With your huge resource curve, you will have no qualms with spending most of your supports on teammates every turn.

The deck cannot cope with large minion swarms such as Ultron - scenarios with many minions will simply burn your Tough statuses too quickly unless another Hero is mopping them up every turn. This deck requires about 2 turns of setup, minimum, before it provides significant value, and is vulnerable to bad draws - specifically, bottom-decking Iron Will is very painful, although Piotr's Studio and Weapon X help alleviate this.

Set up:

You'll want to get Iron Will on the board as soon as possible - this is Colossus's biggest enabler, and encourages you to liberally spend your Tough statuses to activate kickers on his powerful events. Don't be afraid to burn all of your toughs and go into the villain phase unarmored- with 14 health and 4 REC, you can freely tank villain attacks without much concern. The extra basic THW might be nice in a pinch, but your activations are generally better spent on your much higher basic ATK. Mulligan hard for this card, and then cycle as fast as possible until you get it - don't forget to consider playing Plan of Attack in your first cycle even if you don't plan on playing an Attack, simply to thin one Event out of Iron Will's way.

Piotr's Studio will most likely be second on your list of priority supports, especially if you mulligan into it - you should play it and use it right away to speed up the search for Iron Will. Colossus HAS to flip down once he runs out of Toughs, since he has no baseline way to regenrate them from scratch in Hero form. Luckily, confusing the villain via Steel Fist covers your flip, and the Studio is a fantastic way to hunt for more Steel Fists when you start your turn in Alter Ego, which should be often. Weapon X fulfills the same function at a 1-health cost - and Colossus has more than enough health to spare. Unfortunately, being Tough prevents you from using Weapon X, so try to shed your Toughs before flipping down. Having both of these Supports in play is extremely strong, and virtually guarantees huge plays every turn you start in Alter Ego.

Titanium Muscles should be your next priority; it will almost always be worth at least one as a Hero resource generator, and often it will be worth two. It also includes a free Combat Training. This card, combined with some or all of the other resource generators in this deck, gives you access to an insanely high resource curve, allowing you to play almost every Steel Fist and Drop Kick you see with ease.

Organic Steel is very important to Colosuss's flow, and it's almost always a good idea to play the one you get from your Setup ability. Once Iron Will is out, this card will essentially provide two card draws over its life as well as two Toughs, providing huge value, but the power of two Toughs for 3 ER should not be overlooked even before Iron Will shows up, since it buys you so much time to set up.

Jarnbjorn is shockingly effective in this deck. You can trigger it off Attack Events, and you will often be rich enough to do so. It plays very well with Limitless Stamina, which can allow you proc Jarnbjorn twice or be used as fuel for it.

At 1 cost, Deft Focus is easy to get in play, and very quickly pays for itself with no fewer than eight high-value targets that you will see in every cycle (Steel Fist, Organic Steel and Limitless Stamina).It will usually make sense to play this first if you draw it alongside Iron Will or Titanium Muscles, since it will help pay for those cards as well.

Martial Prowess plays very nice with Drop Kick and can also help with Steel Fist. It's quite satisfying to play a Drop Kick, complete with kicker, using just this and Titanium Muscles.

Fluid Motion - you may be surprised to see two of this card, but playing two Attacks in one turn with this deck is actually fairly trivial once you are set up, even with only 6 Attacks in the deck, all costing either 2 or 3. This is thanks to your high resource curve and to supporting Events like Plan of Attack, not to mention the fact that all of these attacks can draw a card when played. With two Fluid Motions, Titanium Muscles, and Combat Training, your basic attack will hit 6 if you play 2 Attacks.

The X-Jet rounds out your resource curve, and can be used in many ways - spent on cards, stripping attachments, proccing Jarnbjorn, or used on allied X-Men players.

Helicarrier is generally less flexible than the X-Jet, but it also plays nicely with Drop Kick and provides non-X-Men specific support.

Avengers Mansion goes a very long way towards smoothing out awkward draws, which are a weakness of this deck - extremely high resource curve on top of small hand size complete with nine 0-cost cards will do that. Playing this requires a lot of breathing room but the reward is extremely high, assuming you don't lose it right away to Overwhelming Force. This also functions well as a support card for your allies.

Hand Cannon is a solid way to round out your minion control, and can get out of the way to at least temporarily thin your deck. It also has a on it, and so plays well with Drop Kick.

Unshakable is cheap and will block the first Stun that hits you, and can potentially block more in long games. Keep in mind that you can play this while Stunned and then attack as normal.

Throg is here to block for your teammates. He is probably the most efficient Ally in the game assuming you are engaged with a minion.


Not much more to be said about Steel Fist at this point. Cancelling ~two villain activations while advancing the win condition AND cycling your deck is simply insane. You can make the argument that you're really only cancelling one activation since you lose a Tough, and that is often true, but is frequently mitigated by cards like Bulletproof Protector and Organic Steel. Both of these cards will enable you to play Steel Fist, with kicker, and still end the phase with at least one Tough.

Drop Kick is the other star in this deck. It provides less control and damage compared to Steel Fist, and costs 1 more, but it plays well with Titanium Muscles, and including three of them doubles the number of targets for Plan of Attack. Having three of these alongside your three Steels Fists provides extremely good control, allowing you to handle beefy minions and Steady villains alike.

Plan of Attack is here to find the above cards, and further rewards Colossus for starting his turn in AE.

Made of Rage has a fairly obvious use case. You most likely won't play this often, but it can come in handy when trying to kill a big minion or rush down the villain.

Bulletproof Protector is a card that you will almost always just play instantly when you see it. With Iron Will out, this is a free Tough and cycle. The option to use it to ready is rarely needed, but the added flexibility is nice.

Armor Up is a great card in the first cycle; if you draw this in Hero form, there is little reason not to flip to AE before ending your turn. This will net you a Tough and help you cycle your deck faster to find upgrades. Once you have Piotr's Studio and Weapon X out, you should pause and think before playing this card, since it will rob you of your powerful AE Supports when your turn starts.

Smash the Problem is here for emergency threat control. It's not often you will want to play this card, but being able to remove a net 3-4 threat in a pinch is very nice.

Questions you may have:

Q: No double resources aside from Strength?

A: Yep. This deck is capable of producing NINE extra resources per turn if all your Supports are out. Double resources just get in the way, aside from this one, which can be used to efficiently play Drop Kick and helps you set up.

Q: No allies?

A: Colossus just doesn't need 'em. Chumps ain't his style. Throg gets a pass for his ability to efficiently defend your teammates. If you're playing Solo, you will probably have to take more allies for threat control.

Q: Does the deck struggle against Steady villains?

A: Nope. It actually feels awesome to play this deck vs Steady - the feeling of playing Steel Fist twice to fully stunfuse a Steady villain is absolute bliss.

Q: Does the deck struggle against Stalwart villains?

A: Yep.


Feb 02, 2023 dr00 · 41336

yo, man i like it. very good call on Weapon X and Plan of Attack.

also i think you missed one The Power of Justice in the decklist? your Q&A at the end suggests you have 1 in the deck. did you change your mind and replace it with something?

one more follow-up, have you tried Psylocke ally to help with the confusion? seems like she could replace one copy of Drop Kick perhaps? or do y'all not flip enough?

either way, awesome deck! i love it when a deck just has a plan and executes it perfectly.

Feb 03, 2023 journeyman2 · 21912

Hello Mr. Mooseghost, a fellow Colossus-A connoisseur. Nice work!

Feb 03, 2023 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7720

Plan of Attack for searching out Steel Fist is the most inspired idea Ive seen in a while. Touche!

My personal twist that I love with Colossus is to use the Mutant Education upcoming cards along with X Mansion in order to throw Steel Fist, Bulletproof Protector and Armor Up back in again. Plus draw a card...

I may even add XMen Instruction, skip the ally shuffling part and just draw a card. It'll be like 6 copies of Spiritual Meditation for Colossus.

Feb 03, 2023 sadbonesmalone · 19

@dr00 on the note of Psylocke I think she could be a variable add depending on who else you're playing with, but this deck already shuts down scheming really well.

Armor up is going to help prevent scheming during your first cycle, and then once you're built you should be steel fisting pretty much every turn. I think she is too expensive for the first cycle when you need to prioritize upgrades, and then redundant once you're knocking the villain senseless.

I mean Psylocke is ridiculously good so I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually think this is one of the only aggression lists that doesn't really benefit from her.

Feb 04, 2023 mooseghost · 59

@dr00 Good catch, I had one Power Of in this deck initially but removed it without remembering to edit the description. I fixed it!

I echo sadbones' thoughts on Psylocke - she is crazy good, but doesn't fit this deck.