Costo: 1.

Azione Eroe (intervento): Esaurisci il tuo eroe → rimuovi da una trama un ammontare di minacce pari all'ATT del tuo eroe.

"Che sia Mjolnir a parlare!" —Thor
Valkyrie #19.
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Looks like this would be great in Hulk because of the low cost, especially if you can ready him afterwards. Probably good in Spider-Woman too because she can get big stats, pay for it with Finesse, and then ready with Self-Propelled Glide.

Hawkeye love this card: 2 atk (base) + 1 from Bow + 1 from Combat training, 4 threats removed with this card. — Axios · 5
I really don't like it with Spider-Woman because her THW is already equal to her ATK. Hulk and Hawkeye are probably best for it, but man it's only passable threat removal if you didn't have to exhaust your hero, and the fact that you do makes it unplayable to me — Stretch22 · 522