Attack. Superpower.

Costo: 2.

Hero Action: Deal 5 damage to an enemy. You may discard a tough status card from your hero → stun and confuse that enemy.

Mutant Genesis #8. Colosso #9-11.
Steel Fist

That poor emu. Why did Colossus decide that he was an enemu? I guess that's better than if he were dealing 5 damage to an enema. I wouldn't want to see that, but it would really end the battle once and for all.

RabidHobbit · 11

Against enemies that don't resist status cards (that is, no Steady/Stalwart), this is fantastic. You trade one blocked villain attack (tough) for one blocked attack (stun) AND one blocked scheme (confuse). Once you're set up you also get a card refund (Iron Will). For solo especially, these should be a fundamental part of your gameplan, keep flipping down and shuffling them back in, and deny most of the villain's activations while chewing through their health.

Against Steady villains, the value is more questionable, as you're trading a blocked attack for half a blocked attack and half a blocked scheme. Probably elect not to spend your tough status against Stalwart villains, but it's still OK as an attack for 5.

Less exciting in multiplayer due to diminishing returns on status cards, but status cards are still good and this is a fairly cost effective way to get them, so maybe the rest of your team can focus on more efficient plays.

Fry · 233