Costo: 1.

Gioca solo se la tua identità possiede 14 o più punti ferita stampati.

Azione Eroe: Ripristina il tuo eroe.

"Pensavi che avessimo quasi finito?! Ci stavamo solo scaldando." — Thor
SP//dr #23.
Possanza Senza Limiti

Another new buff card for the high-health heroes: She-Hulk, Thor, Hulk, Drax, Sp//dr, and Colossus. We've come to expect a cost of 1 for a ready effect, but usually with some additional cost or requirement (see Battle Fury, Ready to Rumble, Indomitable). Looking at the heroes who can play this, it seems most worth it to get the 3 ATK heroes additional attacks. 2 ER for 3 damage is neither spectacular nor embarrassing, but if you can buff it to 4 or higher ATK, that is good value. There is versatility in using it for additional THW, REC, or DEF, but usually the efficiency is not as good. I think the best inclusion will be for Drax, who easily can get up to 5 ATK with his hero kit alone, and gets paid off for basic attacks with DWI Theet Mastery.

Stretch22 · 557
I think the one of the most exciting things about this card is the fact that we now have basic superpower traited cards that can be utilized with Deft Focus. — Zukin · 1
This is an interesting card for She-Hulk too, as her 1-2 punches requires her to be ready at the start of the turn (and unstunned). Her obligation, or needing to defend can spoil those basic attack tactics. In fact this card is just straightly better than 1-2 punch, a hero-specific card :P — Oakwolf · 13