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"Bene, a chi tocca adesso?" - Ms. Marvel
L'Ombra del Titano Folle #22.
Pronto a Darci Dentro

This is the latest in the series of cards with a similar effect; 2ER upgrade, Response: satisfy a condition, discard this card > ready your hero, such as Battle Fury, Justice Served, or Indomitable. Ready to Rumble is basic so it complements any aspect. Every hero can satisfy this by flipping from alter-ego form to hero form. Heroes that like to flip such as She-Hulk can find a use for this card. Heroes with multiple forms such as Spectrum or Ant-Man will get the most out of this card. As more flipping heroes are introduced this card will increase in value.

4649matt · 16
I think that it's worth noting that the true value of this card is the less valuable exhaust of the two forms. — Rocksteady1986 · 15