Costo: 1.

Gioca solo se la tua identità possiede il tratto MUTANTE.

Azione Alter Ego: Esaurisci Arma X e subisci 1 danno → scarta carte dalla cima del tuo mazzo finché non scarti 1 carta specifica di identità, poi aggiungila alla tua mano.

Wolverine #22.
Arma X

Ironically enough, I don't think this card is that great on Wolverine. His kit really encourages you to spend as much time in Hero form as possible and he already has a decent amount of card draw, especially with Berserker Frenzy out.

Of the X-Men we've had so far, I think this card works best for Colossus, as it essentially gives you two copies of Piotr's Studio. If you're flipping to AE you're probably out of tough cards anyway so the one damage doesn't matter much. And Colossus REALLY wants to see his identity cards as often as possible to keep those Tough cards coming and to keep the villain locked down.

Tzeentch144 · 20
Good idea, I will try this on Colossus and see how it works. — Clintparker13 · 116
It's still +1 card drawn (in addition to the +1 for being in Alter-Ego). I think Wolverine would be fine losing out on his heal 2 for the turn to draw an additional card (or 2) most of the time. — Erathis · 15