50 Shades of X-Men

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Cyclops 0 0 0 1.0
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50 Shades of X-Men 0 0 0 1.0
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50 Shades of X-Men 0 0 0 1.0
Cyclops 0 0 0 1.0
Bring the whole institute - Mojo edition 0 0 0 1.0
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50 Copper 0 0 0 3.0
To Cyke, His X-Men 3 2 1 4.0
Cyclops 2/14/2024 0 0 0 1.0

journeyman2 · 18007

50 cards! 19 allies! Have you gone crazy Journeyman? Yes, yes I have. Let me explain in the form of 50 Cent songs:


Candy Shop

The goal here is to maximize the odds of hitting an ally with "To Me, My X-Men!". A whiff is quite unfortunate, costing us 2 resources for nothing, making this practically unplayable in a normal deck. Good thing this isn't a normal deck! In a typical 40-card, 6-10 ally deck, the odds of whiffing are quite high: 20-45% miss chance. Meanwhile, this deck sports only a 5-15% miss chance!

To exploit TMMX, we want to stock up on allies with 2+ THW, 3+ ATK, and enters play effects. This deck has nine allies at 2+ THW, four allies at 3+ attack, and seven allies with enters play effects (with another 2-3 that have great constant/triggered effects). Since TMMX refunds the ally at the end of the phase, this means we are getting this all for a single resource! Rules note: the ally returns to hand after drawing up to hand size at the end of the phase, so this is essentially +1 hand size and a guaranteed ally play for the next turn! Take Polaris for example, turn 1 spend 2 resources and get a tough and 1 thwart or 2 damage, turn 2 have a 6 card hero hand or 7 card alter-ego hand, possibly replaying her for another tough! Excellent benefit two turns in a row!

Since it is a tactic, Tactical Brillance can pull it whenever the odds are highest!

So many options it's like being in a candy shop! Just don't look up the lyrics...

Get Rich or Die Tryin'

  • Uncanny X-Men is the other lynchpin card. This card is quite broken. Giving every X-Men ally +1 hit point is one thing, but then it reduces the cost to play X-Men allies by 1 as long as all of our characters are X-Men! If we play three allies in a turn, this is essentially a triple resource! And let me tell you, we will be dropping 3 or more allies in a turn quite regularly once this is out. We are running three to guarantee seeing it early despite the 50 Cent. In multiplayer, the extras can be played to other players.

  • Cerebro adds to our alter-ego economy and ally spam. There are 6 psionic allies to take advantage of this, with Phoenix commonly staying out for most of the game. Because of the TMMX numbers, hitting an ally in 5 cards is likely even if no psionic ally is out. Just remember, it is only playable in alter-ego, while Cyclops has the Mutant trait.

  • Team-Building Exercise combos well with the -1 cost from Uncanny. 21 targets might make this the strongest ever TBE!

  • The X-Jet hits kickers for Magik, Nightcrawler, and Sunfire.

  • Honorary X-Men, keeps the discounts from Uncanny and The X-Jet active in alter-ego. This can lead to plays where Cerebro grabs an ally, and it's paid for by Uncanny, The X-Jet, and a tactic from Constant Training. For 0 cards in hand, we can play any 3-cost or lower ally in the deck, of which, there are 14 total! With 1 more resource, any ally can be played for only 1 card in hand!

  • Constant Training is a key part of Cyclops' economy; constant flipping grants him +2 cards a turn between this and Cerebro. Often, the tactic upgrade will be a resource.

    • Priority Target is the preferred grab when a minion is out, chaining into more cards. Getting this for free off Constant Training or Tactical Brillance and then drawing two more cards is a key play!

    • Practiced Defense is underrated, giving Cyclops a way to pseudo-defend for 3 (and sometimes blocking more if the villain attacks again). Great to save big allies for future activations and has a place in certain matchups like Sabretooth and Project Wideawake. At 0-cost, it is the best end of turn drop when there is a spare resource.

    • Rapid Response is a good grab for when TMMX pulled Phoenix or Beast, setting it up for the next turn when they get played from hand.

    • Exploit Weakness is the best tactic upgrade to pull when needing a resource early. Its cost makes it expensive and villain damage isn't a priority yet. But it is also excellent late game to close things out!

Be careful not to trigger Constant Training on the turn Cyclops flips to Scott Summers if there isn't a way to play or spend the card, there are only 7 targets in deck so they need to be used sparingly! Likewise for Cerebro since it will hurt TMMX odds for nothing.

The amount of deck thinning we have with the supports and Constant Training increases our TMMX chance to infinite. There are times where the entire rest of the deck is allies, giving it a 100% chance!

In Da Club


Here is the meat of the deck, the 19 allies! They're organized by cost under Uncanny X-Men (Cost/THW/ATK/HP):

1-cost x 4

The 1-cost allies are potent as targets for Cerebro or Pixie when there's a spare resource to play them. Using Team-Building Exercise+Uncanny X-Men to drop one of these creates value and a block for cheap. What other deck has as many 1-cost allies as this?!

18.png?strip=info&w=300 ^this is a boombox

Forge (1/1/1/3): Weak statline but amazing effect to tutor Cerebro, Utopia, or The X-Jet from the deck or discard. Enters play works off TMMX. Getting Cerebro when in or planning to be in alter-ego is key since it can only be played while Cyclops has the Mutant trait. Utopia can be played right away with a double resource and generates momentum if there is a second ally waiting in the wings. Even discarding the support for Forge's cost, just to get it right back is valuable!

35014.jpg?strip=info&w=300 ^provides the strobe lighting

Sunfire (1/1/2/3): Can't stress enough how strong this ally is. Hit the kicker with The X-Jet and watch problem cards like Advanced Glider, We Are One, Universal Weapon, and Magneto's Armor melt away. Won't trigger off TMMX, but it can set him up for the next turn. Regroup can help strip a fully kitted out villain!


Pixie (1/1/2/3): Toolboxing the discard for allies, complements Cerebro and TMMX's ability to toolbox the deck; guaranteeing the ability to grab almost any ally at any time! The extra hp means she can attack for 2 without immediately dying. Loops well with Regroup.

cc9-1.jpg?w=300&h=400 ^just happy to be here

Angel (1/1/2/4): Technically 3-cost, but double discounts make him a 1-drop. Low stats and no effect make him a poor hit for TMMX except to set up a cheap play next turn. Still 1-cost ally is 1-cost ally!

2-cost x10


Phoenix (2/2/2/4): Grab any Cyclops card, usually Tactical Brillance, Priority Target, or Full Blast. Hitting her with TMMX is resource neutral, while being able to chain into more draw with the aforementioned Cyclops cards. To put this in perspective, there are 10 cards in this deck that draw cards, Phoenix is one and she can tutor for 5 of the others. Psionic for Cerebro

cc9.jpg?strip=info&w=300 ^overlooking the club like the OG he is

Professor X (2/3/0/4): Amazing hit with TMMX, basically a 1 ER confuse and 3 THW. When combined with Psylocke, can overwhelm even the steadiest of villains. The ready option can be useful on the many 3-ATK allies as well. Psionic for Cerebro


Polaris (2/1/2/4): Access to tough and a great recursion target. Give Cyclops tough with TMMX, then play her again for tough the next turn!


Blindfold (2/2/0/3): 2-cost for 2 THW and 3 HP is valuable. The enters play effect is just a bonus. TMMX into a next-turn play can give some excellent encounter control. Psionic for Cerebro


Mirage (2/2/1/3): 2-cost for 2 THW and 3 HP is still a great benchmark. The stun will rarely go off since we don't have Danger Room to give her Danger Room Training, but still a good TMMX pull against 1-THW minions and villains (like Magog!). Psionic for Cerebro


Marvel Girl (2/2/1/4): 2-cost for 2 THW and 4 HP is excellent. Again the effect is rare to be worthwhile, but some targets are really good, like Sentinel Mark VIII. Great at popping toughs with tempo. Psionic for Cerebro


Colossus (2/1/3/4): Technically 4-cost, but double discounts make him a 2-drop. Tough makes for a good blocker and 3-ATK is ideal for TMMX. Unfortunately, can't make great use out of the extra hit point, but double consequential can help get him in the reshuffle to keep TMMX numbers high!


Gentle (2/1/3/4): 12-damage that can split up as 9 to minion and 3 to the villain or 6 to the villain and a quick reshuffle. In multi-villain scenarios like Tower Defense, he will only take an additional consequential damage when attacking the active villain, so he's safe to pound on the non-active villain(s)! Another good 3-ATK ally to pull with TMMX, where the extra consequential means less. Nothing wrong with having a big stick to throw around!


Nightcrawler (2/2/2/3): 2-cost for 2-THW is still a great stat line. The extra hp gets an extra turn of use out of him while waiting for an opportune time to trigger his ability. Can always bounce to hand to loop with Utopia. Can hit the kicker with The X-Jet. Great for countering Gene Therapy! Nightcrawler, Phoenix, and Beast are the cheapest 2/2 allies in the deck, making them very flexible

ss2.jpg?strip=info&w=300 ^Magik is clearly the club bouncer

Magik (2/1/2/4): Skirts around When Defeated effects and can punt guard minions away to open up the villain for big Exploit Weakness turns. Same tempo as Mind Control, but for 1 resource cheaper. Unfortunately, not a great TMMX target and doesn't play well with Priority Target. Can hit the kicker with The X-Jet.

3-cost x5


Psylocke (3/2/1/4): Amazing stat line and ability. Importantly, her interrupt will ping off toughs before her attack goes through, meaning she is always dealing 1-2 damage regardless of tough. This also works with villain stages if the villain is sitting on 1hp, her interrupt will confuse and defeat the stage, then her attack will continue to go through on the other stage possibly clearing a tough! Hitting her with TMMX is money, totaling 3 straight turns of confuse! The extra hp from Uncanny X-Men allows her to utilize her good 2 THW stat if the villain isn't burning confuses fast enough. Psionic for Cerebro


Beast (3/2/2/4): Great stats and an enters play ability that turns TMMX resource positive makes Beast a keystone of this deck. Typically, he'll grab a double resource from the discard pile, and with Rapid Response and TMMX, can give 6 uses of the basic doubles in a deck cycle (TMMX, normal play, Rapid Response, on top of three regular uses). When just about every ally and support costs 2, this is critical, and a big part of the turns where 3-4 allies get dropped!


Wolverine (3/1/3/5): Uncanny X-Men lets Wolverine attack a whole extra time, totaling 12 damage in 4 turns before the consequential catches up to his healing. Hitting him off TMMX gives great access to piercing, making him one of the best minion answers!


Rockslide (3/1/3/7): Criminally underrated, Rockslide is another ally that can swing for 12 on his own when all is said and done. 7 HP makes him a great indirect damage soak in Drang and Sandman, and he can always eat an attack from Sabretooth or Project Wideawake. Hitting him off TMMX usually means 5 straight turns of a 3-ATK ally!


Storm (3/2/2/4): Technically 5-cost, but double discounts make her a 3-drop. Flexible 2/2/4 stat line is really good before even getting to her ability. Storm is amazing in the Venom Goblin and Project Wideawake matches. She also has uses vs Kang stage 2 (moving scheme from 3B to 2B), Wrecking Crew, and Tower Defense. She can accelerate Escape the Museum, the Sinister Six, and Hela's side schemes. Just note that her interrupt is optional, and moving the threat will occur before she removes any so double check that the order is actually beneficial!

Out Da Club

Banshee (3/2/2/4): Hard to give up because his stat line is so good, but competes with Storm and Rockslide, and ultimately they're better either with good matchups (Storm) or a better pull off TMMX (Rockslide). Banshee can be useful to leave a minion out, flip down, and pull Priority Target on the flip up.

Longshot (3/2/2/4): I really wanted to like him more, theoretically he can insta-defeat a minion off TMMX and still trigger Priority Target. Just a lot of little things add up to make him too restricted. Non-elite minions only, needs a boost ability and not just a boost icon, wastes his stats to trigger his ability, can't be played from alter-ego unless Honorary X-Men has already been played. There are better options for his stat line.

Havok (3/1/2/4): Another ally I really wanted to like. He can come off a TMMX and deal 5 damage, then not die because Uncanny X-Men gives him an extra HP. The first time I played him, he pulled Laufey, dealt 6 damage, and then offed himself. Pretty epic, but then a bunch of times he'd come in and deal 2. We don't really need his longevity with the plethora of options we have, and all of the current 3-ATK allies are more reliable.

Dust (2/1/1/4): Dust has good matchups, like Ultron, but generally she is a weak TMMX pull and dealing 3 damage to a single minion, i.e. with Gentle, is better than dealing 1 damage to three minions. Can be a good sub for multiplayer games.

There's a version of this deck that runs all 23 available allies for insane TMMX odds, but involves sacrificing support options or consistency.

Utopia 5-0

Get it? Like Hawaii 5-0?? Anyways...

Utopia and The Triskelion are here to increase the ally limit to 5, since this deck churns out allies at an incredible rate. The goal is to always have a spot available for TMMX plays. Going 5 wide makes Exploit Weakness very potent. This is the typical finisher: attack with 5 boosted allies and Cyclops, play a bunch more and attack with them, ready Cyclops, Full Blast.

Utopia's ready triggers off of TMMX and Rapid Response, and with the quantity of 3-stat allies, readying an ally can be more economical than readying Cyclops. For instance, TMMX pulls Wolverine, he attacks for 3 with piercing; play another ally, ready Wolverine and make another attack for 3 with piercing (then he bounces to hand and the same thing happens next turn). Besides just good stats, other allies worth readying include Psylocke, to instantly confuse a steady villain, Storm to move around a lot of threat, and Marvel Girl to get some chip on a minion while still removing threat.

50 First Dates


One advantage of the 50 Cent deck is that cards that toolbox the discard like Tactical Brillance, Phoenix, and Pixie, stay online for longer since the reshuffle is delayed. They have key combo loops with Rapid Response and Regroup that raise the floor of what this deck is capable of on an average turn. Cycloops!

Loop de looping every turn is far from necessary, but recognizing the opportunity to enter into the middle for a partial loop can be important. Passing up a Tactical Brillance loop is okay when there are 3 chances per deck cycle, and Phoenix (or Pixie into Phoenix) can start the loop up at any time. Inserting Beast into the Pixie loop or using Rapid Response on him can generate the resources needed to play Tactical Brillance for instance. Here are some other interesting, but minor, Rapid Response interactions:

  • Blindfold lets you take your pick between three encounter cards. Blindfold enters play in the hero phase, looks at the top 5, chumps in the villain phase, comes back in and looks at the top 5 again. Any of the encounter cards from the first viewing in places 2-4 are accessible depending on which two cards she discards.

  • Mirage or Professor X can stun a minion before it attacks when they chump the villain and are brought back by Rapid Response (though this is niche). Along the same lines, Polaris can give Cyclops tough mid-villain phase.

  • Magik, Sunfire, and Pixie do not trigger their effects off Rapid Response or TMMX unfortunately, but this makes them great candidates for Regroup.

Prioritizing which allies get chumped or overwritten for space based on which effect is most beneficial to duplicate and whether Regroup vs Rapid Response are in play, is critical to understanding how to cycle the allies around.

Thank you for reading! I hope this has been a good introduction to the new Leadership cards and a brand new 50-card strategy. Leave a comment below if you try out the deck!


Nov 15, 2022 Raging_RedBeard · 1

This right here is the monster of a Cyclops deck I have been waiting for. Also a clear write up with thoroughly explained reasons for each card and humor slid in makes it easy to read. A great deck for sure.

Nov 15, 2022 Fry · 227

Sneak in 1x Band Together, for More Beast Value?

Nov 15, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@Raging_RedBeard Thank you so much for the kind words

Nov 15, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@Fry This was a consideration, but when Uncanny X-Men is out, there are very few 3-cost cards to play (and one is Beast himself), so it isn’t much better than just getting a double resource. Deck space is tight!! Thanks for commenting

Nov 15, 2022 Cresten · 1

This looks great. I felt like Cyclops was ripe for a deck that could take advantage of his ability to pull minions from any aspect and I think this one nails it. I love your decks and write-ups @journeyman2!

Nov 15, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@Cresten Thank you so much, this made my day!

Nov 16, 2022 WaterlooJL · 1

he Hood in True Solo. I have been running Mutant Genesis two-handed with Cyclops (Protection) and Phoenix (Justice) and I think this 50-card monster plays better than the one I was running.

There is something deeply satisfying about playing TMMXM and playing Wolverine for free.

Also, FWIW, I didn't flip back to Alter-Ego. At all.

Nov 16, 2022 WaterlooJL · 1

Oops, review truncated. Wrecked The Hood in True Solo with this.

Nov 16, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@WaterlooJL Love TMMX Wolverine for a quick 3 damage. Then play another ally, ready him with Utopia and attack again! Of course, he returns to hand and you can do it again the next few turns haha.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

Nov 16, 2022 nickseiler · 50

This looks amazing and I can't wait to try it! What an enjoyable read as well. I've been toying with a slimmed 40-card lineup for TMMX and UX but didn't consider going full 50 with so many allies. I feel bad that I'll have to gut my other prepared decks of allies for this one, but I guess that's a problem that proxies or a second set of MG & hero packs can solve! I love the idea and am really excited to test it out.

What is your experience with running this deck in multiplayer with other players who are using X-Men identities with X-Men allies? Do you find that it's a race to play the unique Support that you need to really get this engine humming, or that someone else has dropped an ally that you've also included and now can't be played while they're on the board?

Nov 16, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@nickseiler Thank you for asking! I couldn’t possibly cover everything in the write-up and keep it readable so your comment is helpful.

I have only played this deck in 1-2 player. For multiplayer, Uncanny X-Men can be played on other players, ramping up their economy as well. Anyone can include copies of the allies in deck, so it’s just a matter of playing at the right time (like when everyone runs Nick Fury and Mockingbird). With more players, more of our allies will be spent as chumps, leaving space for more to be played. While I have literally never played Field Commander in a game, in multiplayer it can allow you to activate your allies first, either having them defeated from consequential (very easy with the double consequential allies), or it can allow you to play your allies first. The supports are nice because Utopia and The X-Jet can be shared around the table if playing with X-Men. Though Cyclops should definitely be the one to run Utopia (most likely to hit the ally limit) and Cerebro (most allies).

When playing with a Storm, Colossus, Wolverine player; those allies should be swapped out. I put a list of the allies that didn’t make it in, and I’d start by swapping in Banshee and Longshot for their 2/2 statline and Dust because she gets much better at higher player counts. Fortunately, the allies coming out aren’t critical to the deck and we’re likely to get more in the future!

Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it! My biggest issue has been hand cramps from shuffling all the sleeves cards haha

Nov 16, 2022 bigfomlof · 1

Ok, it only happened once, and the stars and planets had to align just so, but I'll defend Havoc with a story. Had him in play with 2 damage on him. Played Blindfold and just so happened that I could discard the first card cuz the 2nd in the stack had the special boost icon. Attacked Mystique (who had a +5 health upgrade on her) with Havoc. Felt joy. Not so much a story, rather a moment, I guess. But I loved it and it might not ever happen again....

Nov 16, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@bigfomlof How did Havok defeat Mystique there? His attack only goes up with boost icons not stars. So he would only be dealing 2 damage in this situation. I find it really fun to roll the dice with him sometimes, but usually I’ll want an ally with 2 THW or 3 ATK over him. Have not yet had him hit with Blindfold but that is a neat little interaction!!

Nov 16, 2022 bigfomlof · 1

@journeyman2 oops! Mis-typed that. I meant Longshot! Also, I have a reputation in all LCGs as reading 1/2 a card, thereby missing the important stuff, like, say "non-elite". Hence, Longshot can take out Mystique provided one only reads the parts of the card that would allow that.

Now, my story does suggest that a Blindfold/Longshot set-up could exist for those large and chunky non-elite minions....

What I really want to say, though, is that I love this deck and can't wait to play it. I'm an ally guy, so this one sings to me. Your write-up here, like all of yours, is an absolute model of presentation and design and instruction, and I'm grateful to you for it.

Nov 16, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@bigfomlof Thank you for sharing the combo, I think anyone else reading will find it helpful. I don’t know if I can live up to your praise, but I appreciate and am grateful for your kindness!

Nov 16, 2022 nickseiler · 50

`@journeyman2 Great points all around! Cyclops is my favorite superhero and has been the kit I’ve been using most since his release. He’s a blast to play! Field Commander doesn’t always see the table depending on what my other choices and needs are, but it can definitely make a big impact in multiplayer. You bring up a good point that coordinating an ally blocking and being discarded in order to free someone else up to play it from their deck next turn is a good way to deal with multiple copies across players. As a Cyclops fan, I 100% agree that he should be the one playing Utopia and Cerebro if not also the X-Jet, but I guess there are times when I have to share the toys with other players. Ha! Anyways, thanks again for sharing the deck!

Nov 17, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

50 is a perfect number of likes to be at :)

Nov 17, 2022 Christian_Medic · 8

Well done!

Nov 18, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@Christian_Medic thank you!!

Nov 25, 2022 dr00 · 37985

oh my god, yes lmao

my version was just Sneak Attack, "To Me, My X-Men!", Command Team, and Rapid Response, but it needed a lot of setup and as you said, TMMXM has a high potential to whiff

Nov 29, 2022 mtc · 1

I'm not sure if this is known or not but when you play tmmx you don't get the "when this hero comes into play text" that effect only triggers when you pay the cost of the actual card.

Nov 29, 2022 dr00 · 37985

it stops "when played" effects like Magik, but absolutely triggers "enters play" effects like Beast

Dec 01, 2022 pheips · 39

Sooo much fun! :) Just beat the Mutant Genesis scenarios on Expert I with this deck. Proj. Wide Awake was for obvious reasons a bit harder, but otherwise very smooth playthrough.

Have you played it against the Mojo Scenarios? I can imagine it might have troubles with those scenarios, especially MaGog. I am trying it anyway though ;)

Dec 02, 2022 KennedyHawk · 17122

Playing this deck just for the memes. Great write up!

Dec 25, 2022 Weenkster · 1

Saved this so I can get around to playing this deck while I’m off work. Looks like an absolute blast!

Jan 05, 2023 Delipha · 1

I tried this build yesterday, and I got to say - it was insane. Elite Red Skull couldn't do jack to me. Maybe I got lucky with the draws and found Triskelion and Utopia early on, but I missed only once with TMMX and just steamrolled the dude. One of my buds called this build " The Expendables" cuz I kept tossing allies under the boss' attacks. Will try my luck today with Thanos and see how it goes.

Jan 12, 2023 journeyman2 · 18007

Ok catching up on comments…

@dr00 Thank you sir!

@mtc as @dr00 stated, TMMX will not trigger play from hand effects (though when the ally returns to your hand you can play it next turn). It will trigger enters play effects!

@pheips I’m glad it performed for you!! I had no issue with Project Wideawake because Cyke can put his -1 ATK upgrade on the Sentinel and basic defend. Uncanny’s extra hp helps with allies like Rockslide defending as well (he can pretty much always survive an attack). Then we have plenty of tough, and Professor+Psylocke gets past steady.

Yes I did take this deck through Mojo, solo and with a 2p partner! Magog is pretty easy with all the status (Mirage really shines here) and our proclivity to flip.

@KennedyHawk Thank you for the kind words friend!

@Weenkster Hope you had a great time!

@Delipha That’s a hilarious name. Sounds like top tier piloting to me!

Jan 12, 2023 Delipha · 1

My playgroup is now running into the problem that I warp the game if we get past the set-up turns and we are trying Heroic 2-3 in a 4 player game. I had a game in which Rockslide did over 20 dmg to the boss due to some healing and Toughening and I kept spamming the "Exploit Weakness" attachment. And that particular attachment is a boss-melter. Seems to me like the X-Men have a little too much support compared to other archetypes.

Feb 13, 2023 Leo_the_wookiee · 1

Congratulations on an amazing concept, quite bold to break the 40 card mold.

Looking at cards in Gambit and Rogue's pack, what could go in? Does Med Lab do more than Regroup? Does Moira McTaggert deserve a spot here? X-Mansion? Can Ice Man, Karma, Armor and Dazzler get a spot (thinking about removing Angel, Marvel Girl and Storm for Ice+Karma+Dazz).

Feb 21, 2023 journeyman2 · 18007

@Delipha Yeah, the X-Men wave are all strong, and fun!

@Leo_the_wookiee I think the only changes I would make would be to add Armor and Dazzler in, likely over Angel and Magik. Bishop, Karma, Ice Man aren't great pulls off of TMMX. Moira is great in multiplayer! She's basically a cheap Avengers Mansion as long as someone is flipping every turn, but best left to the partner deck. X-Mansion would be anti-synergy here because we don't really want to heal our allies, rather than just play a lot of them. Med Lab is ok, but is more difficult to trigger with Uncanny giving everyone +1, best to store Pixie under it...but then that is one less target in the deck for TMMX! I like Med Lab in some other builds I've been playing though

Feb 26, 2023 saintmatthew · 33

I love the glorious write up. Is this deck getting an update now that we have new allies from the Gambit and Rogue packs?

Mar 01, 2023 Arczi · 1

There is no boundaries with you deck builds. This deck is crazy, but it works awesome. Love it.

Jun 10, 2023 guarism0 · 93

I shall rename this 50 shades of Summer

Jun 14, 2023 wojciech · 7

I really enjoyed this deck. After couple games I will try it on GMW campaign ;)

Jul 26, 2023 cihs · 7

Great explanation and a great deck. Thank you

Aug 06, 2023 BlackDaz83 · 8

thanks for the deck recipe and the explanation, it's really fun with tons of options . kudos

Aug 10, 2023 n107 · 1

I normally like to build my own decks and I don't go over 40 cards, but this just looked too darn fun to ignore. Just tried it out with a test game against Absorbing Man and fun it was! I'm going to have to try it a few more times to get the hang of it but what a cool idea!

Aug 14, 2023 KloKraft · 1

This Cyclops build vs Magneto is THE most fun Ive had with this game... ever! Good job!!!

Sep 09, 2023 salsatheone · 2

Well, with the new "put into play" rules, this deck lost most of its charm.

Sep 09, 2023 salsatheone · 2

Actually, never mind, the allies say "enters play" so they're not affected.

Sep 09, 2023 VJakson · 23

There’s no new put into play rule.

Nov 01, 2023 IceHot · 15

Youre the worst @journeyman2 now I have to reprint my Cyclops deck box to hold 10 extra cards and find 10 more dumb sleeves. To show you just how disgruntled I am, I gave your dumb deck a gold star and a bloody red heart so that more people can see this deck and add more comments that you will just have to deal with. ;-P

Jan 24, 2024 SoloPlaythroughTrav · 1

This is a really fun deck! With the new cards that are out in the Cable pre-con, I've incorporated Call for Backup (Player Side Scheme) and Leadership Event, Mission Planning. I had a fun turn of 4 Allies out taking no consequential damage for a turn!

Jan 29, 2024 mavericklancer · 1

@journeyman2 Build Support and Call for Backup seem like good includes here, but don't see any good cards to sub out without diluting the core strategy of the deck. Any ideas?

Feb 14, 2024 MOSER319 · 1

@journeyman2 I'm considering swapping out Mirage and Marvel Girl as I never play them, for Bishop and Dazzler.. thoughts? Dazzler to get a confuse with to me my x-men and bishop for 3 thwarts for 6 total and then 6 attack

Feb 21, 2024 cbergle · 1

Just tried this out in the Mutant Genesis Campaign against Sabertooth I & II and had a blast! Way more fun than playing a two handed solo game.

Swapped out Angel and Magick for Armor and Dazzler and used the role-building rules to be able to use the new side schemes Call for Backup and Build Support in a 62 card deck. TMMX and Rapid Response were my "extra" leadership cards to add to my deck for picking the peacekeeper role.

Feb 21, 2024 cbergle · 1

@MOSER319 you do lose out on 2 psionic allies for Cerebro by going that route.