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J__G · 179

This is a slimmed down version of the deck that retains the same focus but is at the optimal 40 cards. It should ensure more and quicker draws of To Me, My X-Men and other critical cards.


Nov 17, 2022 Erathis · 15

I can't think of any reason why Professor X wouldn't make the cut in an X-Men focused deck (heck I can't think of any deck, of any type, that wouldn't be made better with Charles). Angel, Storm, or Wolverine would all be decent trades depending on what exactly you want to focus on.

Nov 17, 2022 J__G · 179

I think that's fair. Personally, I might swap Angel, who in my mind is the weakest ally in the deck, for the good prof

Mar 09, 2023 Trumble · 1

Ive played a similar build, and I find myself excited to see Angel in my hand in almost all situations. I know hell come out for free with a team building and honestly, any ally is better than none. The discount from Uncanny means more on a greater number of cheap allies than it does on a small number of expensive ones.