Costo: 1.

Attach to an enemy. Max 1 per enemy.


Increase the amount of damage attached enemy takes from each attack by 1.

Cyclops #5. Ciclope #4-5.
Exploit Weakness

This card with Gambit's royal flush in multiplayer is chefs kiss. Honestly didn't realise this synergy played a local event, and I pulled a 18-damage royal flush with the help of this. An amazing card once you set-up the board with allies that had extra value thanks to the introduction of Gambit.

LoveMePlease · 17
With the three charge counters you can use for royal flush, you get 3 attacks of 3 damage each. This adds 1 to each 12 damage. Not sure how you're getting 18. — CaffeineAddict · 1
The only way I see it's possible is with aggressive energy 2x — Chris2002 · 1