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journeyman2 · 18007

Nova brought some excellent new toys for Rocket, the perfect shell for the new Honed Technique deck. “Murdered You!” compliments Honed Technique, drawing off of our boosted events!


Honed Technique boosts an Aggression attack event by its own cost if paid for with a . This is phenomenal, especially alongside x3 Follow Through. We are running three primary targets:

  1. No Quarter. This is really the heart of the deck. Being able to draw into an entire new hand of Aggression cards is amazing. You can draw into a Moment of Triumph and/or Chase Them Down, then play them right away since you’re still in the response window, healing to full or removing some threat. The key is to thin the deck enough that we have mostly Aggression cards, and then profit. A fully charged No Quarter can deal 1 damage with 8 excess. 8 potential draw, +1 for "Murdered You!" Would I like to draw a quarter of my deck? Yes please! “Yes Quarter!”

  2. Dive Bomb. After we get out Thruster Boots, we can Dive Bomb for 11 damage to the villain and 5 damage on each minion. Each instance of excess damage will also trigger “Murdered You!” so with a wide board, you can draw just as much as you would with No Quarter, while advancing the victory condition.

  3. Into the Fray. This is our panic button for when Rocket’s basic thwarting hasn’t been able to keep up with threat. A fully charged Into the Fray can remove 11 threat off a 1 health minion, then draw us a card from “Murdered You!”

CanTANKerous Tinkerer

• This Rocket is surprisingly bulky, with Cybernetic Skeleton taking us to 12 health and Moment of Triumph healing us for full very reliably (even Schadenfreude deserves a mention with Dive Bomb). However, we are still running some allies. Angela searches us a minion for our No Quarter/Into the Fray. Spider-Girl can stall a minion while we wait to draw into an event. Marvel Boy can strip a villain of tough to let a Dive Bomb go through. Throg is an excellent blocker with his tough status. All of them have 2-ATK to let us inch down a minion to get maximum use from our events and “Murdered You!”

The Riches of the Scrapyard

Hall of Heroes will fill up very fast with Dive Bomb and Rocket Launcher. In addition to Tinkering, we can often draw 5 cards when we flip down and another 5 when we flip up!

Martial Prowess and Ingenuity let us hit the requirement for Honed Technique and No Quarter reliably. Just make sure to only play Ingenuity when in alter-ego!

The Power of Aggression and Salvage can single-handedly fulfill the requirements for No Quarter, and with Ingenuity, can play an early Honed Technique. Salvage has an interesting interaction with No Quarter: use Salvage to play No Quarter->put a tech on top of your deck->defeat a minion with the first sentence of No Quarter->draw the tech with “Murdered You!”->discard cards for No Quarter. This can guarantee that you draw a tech from Salvage without interfering with the draw from No Quarter. The rules gurus of the discord said this was legal when I asked them, so until a ruling comes out saying that you can't respond to an action between sentences, this is how I’m playing it!

Toolbox Strategy

• Stabilize the board by thwarting for 2-7 with Thruster Boots and I've Got a Plan. Chump with your allies while setting up draws for “Murdered You!” with your weapons and boosted Cybernetic Skeleton attacks. Deal excess damage whenever possible to heal, draw, and remove threat as needed. Hold off on your No Quarter plays early game before you get Thruster Boots out. You can always Salvage Thruster Boots back on top of the deck if need be.

• Get out all of our upgrades so the only non-Aggression cards we have in deck are 5 resources, 5 events, and 2 weapons. With 12 non-Aggression cards and 15 Aggression cards (14 since we aren’t counting the No Quarter in hand), the odds to draw 3+ are 94%, draw 4 is 75%, draw 5 is 44%, draw 6 is 16%, 7 is 3%, and 8 is .2%, while the odds to draw 0 are .032%. Don’t forget that we’ll draw an additional card off of “Murdered You!” as well! Before decking out, use Aggression cards as resources instead of hero cards, keeping the hero cards out of the deck and the Aggression cards in the shuffle to increase our No Quarter odds even further!

No Quarter speeds our set up by filtering to our Aggression cards making us likely to draw into our Martial Prowess/Follow Through/Hall of Heroes with The Power of Aggression in hand! This speeds up our set up in the early game and does crazy things like enable double Dive Bomb turns to end the game. By the end, you can start ignoring everything as you rush the villain down. In one of my tests vs Ultron Expert, he schemed into Countdown to Oblivion, with a bunch of side schemes, and little hope. Rocket was able to draw or play 22 cards, overkilling multiple drones and double Dive Bombing stage 3 for the win.

What to Scrap (Mulligan)

We want to Mulligan for Ingenuity, Honed Technique, Thruster Boots, and Martial Prowess, preferably with some double resources. Use Tinkering to filter out your Battery Pack and Rocket’s Pistol as a way to dig deeper and improve your odds of seeing your key cards on turn 1.


The great thing about this deck is how modular it is. It really is a toolbox, perfect for tinkering with!

Chase Them Down and Moment of Triumph should definitely be considered for double or triple copies. Drawing them off of a No Quarter play generates a lot of momentum in your favor. I've often thought about going above 40 cards in this deck and adding more copies of these!

Hall of Heroes was a late addition and might be my first cut in difficult scenarios. I wanted to keep as many Aggression cards in the deck and off the table as possible, but it has proven useful to help with setting up our board and big turns. More useful in multiplayer than solo as well. Definitely mess around with this and the prior two to see what suits you!

• Hulk is not a great attacker here, but could be a big body to chump with. I cut most of the allies though, since we are quite sturdy with Moment of Triumph and can reliably reach our allies again with No Quarter, it feels like we are running more than 4!

Looking for Trouble can assist Angela in low minion scenarios, but I would just recommend another scenario/modular instead!

Hand Cannon conflicts with our kit guns that we want to table to get out of our deck. We aren’t basic attacking often anyways.

"Bring It!" is a busted card in so many decks. Here it is interesting as another 0-cost to draw off of No Quarter. The problem is, we are defeating minions quickly, not stacking them! Drawing 1-3 off of “Bring It!” pales in comparison to drawing 3-8 off of No Quarter and "Murdered You!"

Side Holster can be used to thin the deck two more times (itself and a third Rocket weapon). The odds don’t change enough for me to want to cut an Aggression card for it though. It also hurts your early game No Quarter odds, despite helping your late game slightly. If you go this route, I would cut Hall of Heroes, this puts your ideal deck size at 25 with 14 targets, vs the above percentages for deck size 26 with 14 targets. Alternatively, you could cut a double resource, for deck size 24 with 14 targets, but this will slow your early game considerably and actually thinning the deck to 24-26 is largely unnecessary.

Why Rocket Does This Best

• I originally started this deck with Spectrum, thinking the built in Aerial, 3 THW, and Energy Duplication to meet requirements would be good, but she has too many events that clog our No Quarter draws. Likewise, Black Panther can build and use Vibranium to play Honed Technique and No Quarter, but discarding past his Wakanda Forever! is a bummer. Ms. Marvel can thin her deck the same amount as Rocket (not running Side Holster) and can Embiggen! No Quarter for a chance to draw 10! But her lack of aerial limits us to Melee instead of Dive Bomb, and pulling back one card from Morphogenetics is not as good as drawing multiple cards off "Murdered You!"

As always, I hope this deck performs well for you, providing you with fun and victories!


May 30, 2022 Fromundaman · 99

Honed Technique is so good on Rocket.

This is very similar to the deck I made for him when the card dropped. Out of curiosity though, why not use One by One for early game overkill? Admittedly I was using it in multiplayer but it seemed very efficient.

May 30, 2022 Cresten · 1

@journeyman2 I loved your Miles SpiderVerse deck (my current favorite deck) and this one looks to be just as fun, can't wait to try it out!

I hadn't considered Rocket for the Honed Technique + Dive Bomb combo but you not only got that but tons of overkill goodness with several aggression cards. Excellent write up as always too.

May 30, 2022 celric · 432

I'm fond of Wasp's platform marvelcdb.com but I think you have strong idea here.

Several things strike me as improvable.

You event package relies HEAVILY on there being minions in play. Looking for Trouble feels required instead of optional to me. I'd absolutely drop Chase Them Down for it and at least 1 Into the Frey since Rocket already thwarts well.

Salvage is a great combo with Moon Girl. You can put the exact card you want on top and draw it immediately. Seems better than Spider-Girl.

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@Fromundaman I will have to check out your build! I didn’t even consider One by One to be honest. We have other low damage options with our pistols, allies, Rocket Launcher, and basic attacks; and these are really only to set up bigger overkills. We want to maximize the numbers we are overkilling by for Moment of Triumph. With no secondary effect like No Quarter or Into the Fray, it doesn’t have any advantages other than cost, and with Martial Prowess, Ingenuity, 7 double resources, and copious card draw I’ve never struggled to play our expensive 2-4 cost cards. I pretty much only want to kill minions with the 3 events listed in the write up and nothing else. As a worst case scenario, I’ll overkill something by other means to get a card draw, but those are desperate times where I really wish I had one of the aforementioned cards. I have only run this in 1-handed and 2-handed, but I imagine it scales great because of Dive Bomb!

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@Cresten Thank you so much for the kinds words. I’m really glad you’re enjoying the Spider-Verse Swarm deck!! Building that was the first time I felt the urge to actually proxy cards before release.

Thank you for reading the write-up! I post decks more for the write-ups than the decklists. I really enjoy writing them and I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. There’s another I have finished, but I’m waiting for a good title to catch me, not sure when that will be, but be sure to check it out too!

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@celric I am a huge Wasp fan. One of my unpopular MC opinions is that I like playing her more than Ant-Man! My first run of GMW back in the day was with this Wasp-A deck focusing on overkill. marvelcdb.com

As for the suggestions, check out the write-up! I started out with LfT in the deck, but it wasn’t pulling its weight in testing. In two-handed it’s unnecessary, you can draw it with no threat on the main scheme, and we don’t really care when the minions come out because we have plenty to do with no minions, like build our board or just play boosted Dive Bombs to the face. It is viable, but it didn’t make the cut for me.

Rocket does thwart well, but he heavily relies on his basic thw and only has 2 events that key off of it (and can get milled by No Quarter). We also like to flip with this build, so threat can stack up. Into the Fray is amazing for the turn after we flip, to clear the entire main scheme, even letting us use our REC if we need. I run two for consistency, so we can get it reliably on that turn. Chase Them Down is integral, and if anything I’d run more! 1ER for 2 threat is pretty much the best ratio you can get, and it’s immediately playable off of being drawn by No Quarter! If we have a solid justice partner, I could see taking these out, but they are so strong otherwise!

As for Moon Girl, I actually don’t think she is great here. She is only playable in alter-ego, and not being an Aggression card means she’s going to clog our deck. Most of the time she’ll be a card No Quarter discards, when she could have been a card drawn instead! Similarly to Bring It!, we are drawing more cards from No Quarter+Murdered You than we are from her ability. In AE we have a built in filter with Tinkering as well, so a further filter just isn’t necessary.

Thank you for taking the time to check out the deck+write-up and share your thoughts!! I hope this answers your questions

May 31, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6352

Hey community... looking for feedback on using Follow Through in a No Quarter deck. I've been struggling because its a 3 ER investment to play but will only net you one more card per No Quarter so you need to play NQ more than 3 times to get a return on investment. Does this end up happening?

I usually play Expert 2 so pace is a huge issue... usually can't afford to invest 3 ER with no payout for later. Thoughts?

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@teamcanadahockey2002 Thank you for checking it out! If you try this on S2/E2 please let me know how it goes!

I’ll repost what I responded on Reddit:

Follow Through is exceptionally cheap to play, since we only ever play it off of PoA (or one of our 5 other doubles). No Quarter filtering out non-Aggression cards means we can set up our Aggression upgrades/supports very quickly by increasing the odds we drawn them together with PoA.

But they don’t only help the card draw, they boost our heal through Moment of Triumph, and our thwart from Into the Fray. With only 6 base damage from HT, it is necessary to boost the excess for our triggers against most minions nowadays. Even getting one out pays for itself many times over! With No Quarter I find it mostly necessary, ideally we draw 3 every time so it refunds itself (1-2 is still good, but 3+ is the kind of play I’m here for haha). With max overkill every NQ pays for itself. I’ve put some calcs in the write up about draw odds. They do fluctuate throughout the game, but you can tilt them in your favor by being sure to deck out with mostly Aggression cards in your discard and hero cards in your hand. I usually spend PoA as quickly as I can, and hold the basic doubles to keep them out of the shuffle.

I usually reserve S2/E2 for the S tier heroes (I tested Miles on them for instance). My recommendations here would be to swap out Hall of Heroes for extra Moment of Triumphs since we’ll likely be taking more damage, and starting with an acceleration means fewer flips. Hulk could also be a good soak, but NQ cycles our allies very fast already (again with PoA!). You could drop the number of Follow Through, but each one lowers the impact of our Into the Fray/Moment of Triumph/No Quarter, which are what keeps us at pace with higher difficulties in the first place, particularly Moment of Triumph on S2 I’d imagine.

The complete list of scenarios I’ve brought this up against in 1H and 2H are :

Expert Mutagen w/Ransacked Armory

Expert Ultron w/Guerrilla Tactics

Expert Drang

Expert Kang w/Anachronauts

Expert Sinister Motives (minus Venom Goblin)

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

Reposting from Reddit in response to @teamcanadahockey2002‘s great comments:

You always have insightful things to say, so I’m always happy to engage!

I agree, for most heroes Follow Through is too slow. I can’t overstate how much No Quarter can put together your pieces though! We have 7 doubles, but it feels like we have more because NQ cycles us into our PoAs so quickly. Just like a Strength in Numbers deck, it is almost always the correct play to play the card that draws us additional cards even if we have to sacrifice ally activations to inch a weak minion closer to overkill range. We often play No Quarter many many times per game, but beyond that it also assists us with Into the Fray and Moment of Triumph.

We have tons of ways to deal excess damage: x2 Pistols, Particle Cannon, Cybernetic Skeleton basic attacks, Into the Fray, Dive Bomb, NQ. All of these can then trigger Moment of Triumph (and Murdered You). A single excess damage and x1 FT = 2 heal for 1ER, already better than First Aid or exhausting to REC, with x3 we can get this up to 4 heal for 1ER. Even better is that our big attacks like Into the Fray can completely heal us and remove all scheme from the main, so important to allow us to flip down and draw 5 from Tinkering/Hall of Heroes which then turn into additional FTs or Tech upgrades. For instance take a Zola’s Minion with +2 health from tech, 7 total. Usually this is a big hindrance and a huge resource sink. With ItF and HT, we overkill for 2, removing 2 threat, heal 2, draw 1. With a single FT, that becomes 3 threat and 3 heal. With three FT, 5 threat and 5 heal. Off of a 7 health minion! That’s a huge momentum swing. You could even basic attack it first to turn your basic action into +1 heal +1 thw, essentially we have flexibility in our basic action (2-3 THW, 1-2 ATK, or 1-2REC/1-2ATK/1-2THW in some combination since we use our basic attack to boost our excess damage further thus boosting our heal/draw/thwart). The health gives us the option to stay up, the thwart allows us to flip if needed, something that smaller numbers couldn’t do, even if we haven’t mathematically made up the ER expenditure after just that one usage.

We will be face tanking a lot of damage, so MoT is key! If we play just one FT for 3ER and get 1 heal, 1 draw, and 1 threat removal per deck cycle from it, it has already paid for itself in a single deck cycle.

To your other point, this deck usually cycles 3-4 times, but can cycle even more depending on how many NQ we play and who we play them on. I do typically tend to play a bit slower and control oriented, clearing the board and building up a bunch in stage 2, then one-shotting the villain in stage 3, almost always with NQ into double Dive Bomb. Inching the villain and then NQ to defeat stage 2, drawing a new hand to deal with whatever stage 3 throws at you, is also incredibly helpful. Without FT, that flip turn gets a bit rockier.

There’s definitely more to it than 3ER should get us 6 THW/4ATK/4 resources paid back over time. Staying on board just means that Moment of Triumph/Into the Fray/No Quarter are pretty much always “on” without having to rely on draws. Since everything is playable for extra value all of the time, we can really toolbox our events and upgrades at our necessity. A lot of HT decks can struggle when HT is buried in the deck and run multiple copies, our solution is to run three lesser copies that stack with it, without having to run an extra dead card.

If we were to remove them, I’d add in more Chase Them Down/Moment of Triumph to make up for the lost THW/REC they would have provided otherwise and make it more of a tempo deck!

May 31, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6352

@journeyman2 Thanks for the great replies you gave. Wanted to post here as well as Reddit... youve convinced me on Follow Through in this deck for sure. I'm still struggling to see if its worth is on heroes like Ms. Marvel or Nova in a No Quarter/Honed Technique drawing deck, but I like this with Rocket. Thanks again for the great thoughts on deckbuilding.


May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

Thank you! The difference for me was what was in the hero kit. Starting off with Spectrum I realized that 13 non-A cards that stay in deck is not good for NQ. I imagine the same for Nova.

With Ms. Marvel, it’s a possibility. She can build as much as Rocket, if not more since she can stash her hero cards under Bruno. Aamir stuffs your deck with more A cards. The suit is better than Ingenuity, so she doesn’t have to run any basics, and 5 REC means less reliance on MoT. Embiggen! also helps us a ton. It’s just a shame she isn’t aerial!

May 31, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6352

@journeyman2 After all our discussion, I'm actually pretty excited for a Ms. Marvel idea I'm trying on built around Melee/Honed Technique, Battle Fury, Looking for Trouble and now also Follow Through.

Use Looking for Trouble to pull a minion. Exhaust to pull it back. Play either Honed Tech or Melee with your boosts to hit the minion your pulled. Either draw cards or also hit the villian depending on your card. Then use Battle Fury to ready so you can pull the Honed/Melee back to hand. Then do it all again.

You've convinced me that Follow Through would be worth it here too now as well. Thanks!

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

Battle Fury to reuse Morphogenetics is a neat tech I hadn’t even though of! Double or triple Melee off of No Quarter is a great win-con!! You can even double Melee from a 5 card hand, Martial Prowess, and Suit.

I just drafted this up from the Rocket deck as a starting point, but your version sounds better. With 22 Aggression cards and ideal set up (3 cards under Bruno), No Quarter can hit 4 cards more reliably than Rocket can hit 3. marvelcdb.com

My issue with Melee is that it maxes out at 8 damage against a single target, the villain. Relentless Assault may actually be better with Follow Through, since you can get 9 damage to the villain, while being cheaper. Melee is better for double minions, but I might lean Relentless just because I want to stay in stage 3 as little as possible and without Dive Bomb we don’t have as much villain damage. Not sure though, and currently just have x1 placeholders since it’s a toolbox deck. You may have convinced me of Melee>Relentless though!

Kamala is a worse thwarter than Rocket, so we rely a lot more on Chase Them Down (compare to Sneak By) and Into the Fray. Wiggle Room is better than Schadenfreude by a mile.

Would love to fit in Mobile Bunker, but it’s probably not necessary.

Please share your deck here when complete!

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

Actually, since Rocket is always guaranteed 1 draw I guess it’s equivalent, if not slightly better since he needs less set up, compared to activating Bruno 3x. Aamir can change the calculus though, every flip you essentially remove 1 hero card and add 1 Red card. Nakia plays you a free Battle Fury or discounted event. It’s an interesting comparison.

Double Melee off of Battle Fury is such a great idea though! I’d run that for sure!

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@teamcanadahockey2002 You’ve got me excited now. Triple Melee is actually doable. With even one mental under Bruno you get his 3 cards for a third instance of the same Melee, totaling 20 villain damage!

May 31, 2022 neothechosen · 9744

Love this for Rocket! Thanks!

May 31, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6352

@journeyman2 Appologies that its just in text format... working off the app on my phone.

Heres what I have as of now.. 23 Red and 2 Grey

1x Champions Mobile Bunker 1x Hall of Heroes 3x Battle Fury 1x Endurance 3x Follow Through 1x Honed Technique 3x Looking for Trouble 2x Melee 2x Moment of Triumph 3x No Quarter 2x Relentless Assault 1x The Locust 2x The Power of Aggression

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@neothechosen Thank YOU for checking it out!

@teamcanadahockey2002 So interesting. No doubles is a risk, but I guess all of her important hero cards cost 1 don’t they?

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@teamcanadahockey2002 Martial Prowess is probably better than one of the Battle Furys, to reliable hit the NQ requirement. Running max copies isn’t as big of an issue with NQ. Angela too, since she can ping the incoming minion for 2, giving you 2 more excess.

Ran the calcs for if she has 25 aggression cards. If you play her 6 board cards and stash 3 under Bruno, plus play 6 A cards to table she’ll have 25 cards in deck, 19 Red. Now if we don’t count the NQ we are playing, it’s 24/18 split. With a HT + Embiggen! NQ with 10 excess, we have a 97% chance to draw 6 and a 50% chance to draw 8, which is absolutely bonkers. Of course you can improve those odds by holding hero cards in hand as well. You can definitely get to a point where you’re cycling every turn. Just have to watch out that you play NQ after the shuffle, since otherwise you won’t be discarding max cards/drawing as much; unless you want to intentionally trigger the shuffle while hero cards are in hand etc.

May 31, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6352

@journeyman2 I see what youre going for here. I think my playstyle is to always be using Battle Fury so you can ready and pull a card back. In my mind Im hoping to always pull back Looking for Trouble so I always know I have a minion to kill. Then I take the damage to ready so I can pull the events back over and over and over again.

You're looking more to draw them, I think I'm expecting to pull them back from discard. Its also why I like Locust as another way to get an overkill event.

Cool ideas here. Sorry we're hijacking the thread of your awesome Rocket deck lol

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@teamcanadahockey2002 I am enjoying this so much, no apologies necessary.

Yes, your play style is different from mine, and I don’t think you’re incorrect. For me, Battle Fury is good for the killing turn, but otherwise you’re spending two resources to get one back. With an all-red deck, you’ll be cycling your draws so fast with NQ it won’t be hard to see it or the events it would get you, again.

Two other interesting things struck me. Shrink is perfect for Looking for Trouble (1 ER for 5) and Chase Them Down (1 ER for 4). I’m keeping the Chase’s in just because we need some side scheme flexibility/thwart that doesn’t pull a minion, especially early game. Not sure what the final ratio of Chase to Looking will be, that’s something I think needs testing. Could be 3-1 or 2-2.

Second “Teen Spirit” is very good. It guarantees us something to stuff under Bruno to thin the deck, and it gets rid of a hero card before we flip up to play NQ. Locust also doesn’t mind us milling events into the discard.

I think I’d keep genius, since I forgot that embiggen/shrink are 2-cost, and it hits HT as well.


Updated this draft from our discussion and your ideas. If you do a write-up, I’d love to help out. The writing is the most fun part for me!

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@teamcanadahockey2002 Just ran it vs E1 Taskmaster w/State of Emergency swapped in for his regular schemes.

Two big issues early game: Threat+Set Up. It is much harder to set up Embiggen!/Shrink without a full set of doubles. Once set up though, it’s very similar to Rocket (though maybe that’s just my playstyle), drawing through our deck and winning fast. Taking out HoH for strength or energy isn’t the worst.

Chase them Down/LfT put in a ton of work. Probably going to make it a 2-2 split.

Teen Spirit also gets diminishing returns late in the game, unless you want to trigger a reshuffle intentionally.

One thing I noticed, Embiggen! on No Quarter is a better finisher than Embiggen! on Melee. Both reach 8 damage, but NQ is cheaper, so you can recur it more as long as you have

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

The decks are largely equivalent, having a 4x NQ turn or 3x Melee turn is similar to RR’s double Dive Bomb finishes. Biokinetic Polymer Suit not working on our set up cards like Ingenuity does, means we have a little slower early game. But Aamir stuffing the bottom of the deck with PoA+attack event, or giving us a second chance at a discarded build card makes up for it somewhat. Both are very fun!

May 31, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6352

Okay, here's a first draft of the Ms. Marvel deck...


Thanks for all the conversations... I included a write up on my particular strategy. It's different than yours, but I think that's okay too :)

Jun 01, 2022 Daringhour7 · 65

Really enjoyed this deck, thanks for posting! Nice to see Rocket getting rewarded for his inclination to kill things more than he should. I’ve had some bad pulls with No Quarter (not drawing into any Aggression events) but it was because I didn’t have enough upgrades out…I just had to use it early in two-hand solo because Protection Ghost Spider was crushing the villain on her turn. However, I’m sure this deck shines in the late game during solo play.

I’d forgotten about Rocket until this deck showed up…glad you didn’t forget about him.

Jun 01, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@Daringhour7 Until noticing this combo, I did not enjoy Rocket. He was better at thwarting than actually triggering his ability, so his kit didn’t feel synergistic. Now I love him!

I like Into the Fray better early game, but NQ can still work! You just have to do a lot of card counting all game and always be aware of the odds. Holding hero cards in hand and using aggression cards as resources also changes the odds a ton in your favor!

I’m glad you tried it out and left your experiences here. Thank you!

Jun 04, 2022 Saan · 3473

Well, I just murdered phase 3 of Zola in one turn while also killing 6 minions and drawing... like 15+ cards? Something close to that. This was also in 2 player, so that was 32 HP on Zola, not just the regular 16. I've always been a huge fan of Rocket, especially in Justice, but I've always kinda felt he was missing something in Aggression. Lemme tell you, this is that something =).

Awesome deck.

Jun 04, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@Saan Thank you! I agree wholeheartedly. I would run Rocket-J (using a build very close to your excellent one!), but I always felt that he was at odds with himself. It was always too tough to trigger his ability. Not anymore!

Jun 05, 2022 gengarwho · 7

@celric that's bananas didn't even realise rocket was a genius :')

Jun 05, 2022 Edufarre · 1

@journeyman2, thanks for the deck. I will use it at an event next July. Thing is I have been explained that second part of No quarter is a delayed effect from the "Deal 4 damage". If that's true, no response can be played before the delayed effect is resolved.

I tried to search for delayed effect examples but found no thread providing that. Did your Discord gurus take that into account when they answered you?

Jun 05, 2022 Scorpion0x17 · 283

@Edufarre: there’s no delayed effect on No Quarter, and even if there were it would not prevent you from triggering Murdered You immediately after dealing excess damage, before resolving the second sentence.

Jun 06, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@gengarwho Yes! Ingenuity is a huge get for Rocket.

@Edufarre Hope it goes well for you! See the response to your question in the above comment. There is a section for “Delayed Effect” in the RRG.

@Scorpion0x17 thanks for responding and clarifying!

Jun 06, 2022 Edufarre · 1

@Scorpion0x17, thanks for your answer. I think that No quarter second effect is not a Delayed effect as well, but I need arguments to make my point. Can you provide me an example of a delayed effect so I can make my case?

If that part of No quarter was a Delayed effect no other response nor interruption could be played before the Delayed effect is resolved since: "Delayed effects resolve automatically and immediately after their specified timing point or future condition occurs or becomes true, and before responses to that point or condition may be used" (page 11 of Rules reference).

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Jun 06, 2022 Scorpion0x17 · 283

@Edufarre: delayed effects are described in the v1.4 RRG PDF. The full text of that section is too long to copy-paste here.

Regarding your point about responses, though. When you have an ability that has multiple sentences, you do not need to wait for the entire ability to resolve before responding to earlier sentences.

Jun 06, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@Edufarre There is no future condition specified, so it is not delayed. Compare for instance to Nick Fury, that has a future end of round effect.

Jun 07, 2022 MacGhille · 194

@journeyman2There is some real genius (lol) to the synergy here. Your comprehension of the timing windows gives you some very interesting insights that more casual players may overlook. (Myself included)

You have definitely inspired some new directions for me, and I appreciate the lengthy write-up and measured responses you provide.

Jun 08, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@MacGhille Thank you for the kind words! I do think this deck is something special, I felt compelled to write about it!

Jun 21, 2022 Dawncaller · 4

Do you know by any chance if a single Power of Aggression is sufficient to pay both the No Quarter Requirement and the mental for Hones Technique? (I don't know if Power of cards can generate only pp, mm, ee or if they can generate any combination)

Jun 21, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

Hi @Dawncaller! Yes, one Power of Aggression can provide the for No Quarter and the for Honed Technique!

Under the “wild” section of the RRG 1.4, a player can specify what resource each wild generates. Because you are generating two wilds, you can select what each one will be used as.

Jun 22, 2022 RonnieC · 1

Crazy draw engine if there are minions. Low survivability though

Jun 22, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@RonnieC Thanks!

This deck actually has great survivability! So many times you can heal to full with Moment of Triumph off a boosted attack (often drawing into it with Murdered You! or No Quarter!). There’s also the great Schadenfreude, which combos well with with all of our guns, No Quarter, and of course Dive Bomb. This is all on top of Cybernetic Skeleton taking us to 12 hp.

We have 4 great chump blockers, Throg providing us with two blocks. While this might seem low at first glance, but No Quarter filters are deck to them quickly and repeatedly, often with a Power of Aggression in hand as well. As a last resort, Rocket can THW well and flip to recover, often after a ready from “I’ve Got a Plan”.

If you are still worried about survivability, check out the Mod section of the write-up! An extra Moment of Triumph is a great inclusion.

Jun 23, 2022 RonnieC · 1

@journeyman2 Honestly I still couldn't get past expert Crossbones with this. I ran out of chumb blockers quite fast and he just annihilated me. I still tried Absorbing man right after, but he has even less minions and that was a disaster x). I tried one last game against normal Ultron and won :)

Jun 23, 2022 rstorcdk · 4647

@RonnieC You should try adding more allies then like Groot and Hulk if that fits your playstyle. It can be rough to make a deck work against every villain in the game and sometimes even getting into the mindset of the deck creator.

Jun 23, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@RonnieC I think some issues will be solved from reading the write-up! You should pretty much never play scenarios with no minions like Absorbing Man, swap in a minion mod!

I am surprised that Absorbing Man gave you trouble though, he doesn’t hit hard, has a huge threat threshold, and is prone to just being rushed down by damage. Crossbones has Hydra Bombers, Flame Soldiers, and Jet Troopers which are just perfect for what this deck wants to do. Even Madame Hydra is a target for Into the Fray. The Ultron game definitely went as expected!

If survivability is the biggest issue, swap out HoH for ally Hulk. Use his 5 HP to soak 2 attacks or some indirect damage from the machine gun. Be more aggressive with flipping too, with 3 schemes it’s ok to have them flip. Salvage is really good at removing experimental weapons too.

I haven’t had trouble clearing expert scenarios (sans Ronan, Nebuka, VG) with this deck. I should really try and find a way to record playthroughs like @rstorcdk does!

Thank you for trying it! I hope you find some tweaks that work for you.

Jun 25, 2022 ProteinePlus · 1

Very nice deck, but I'm having trouble with the Most Wanted campaign in true solo standard. I breezed through the first three scenarios, but Nebula made me add an additional ally instead of Hall of Heroes. All fine up to there. Now, in my opinion, Ronan is too strong for this deck, it lacks allies to chump block and the villain won't really allow you to build the board to try to used this deck strategy. I was defeated 4 times in a row, without really making a scratch on Ronan, and now I'm considering trying to finish the campaign with a leadership deck.

Jun 25, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@ProteinePlus I applaud you for trying to take Rocket through GMW! You’re trying the deck out and that’s great.

Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 hardest scenarios for Rocket are in GMW. Collector 1 is going to be nigh impossible with this deck because not only are we tinkering upgrades to the collection, but you want to defeat minions a lot, which go to the collection. But 100% of RR decks will have the same issue.

Rocket is also not going to be able solo Ronan here. He isn’t fast or sturdy enough. But if we’re limited to only posting decks that solo Ronan, there would only be a handful of decks ever! If you do want to solo Ronan, try my Nova deck: marvelcdb.com

Drang was in my testing for the deck and is absolutely doable. C2 should also work, Into the Fray gets around confuse and can remove 10+ threat at a time, which pretty much one-shots the schemes. Nebula is going to be a coin flip. Standard is definitely better, as she’s less likely to surge train on you, her techniques fall off, and Rocket is rich enough that he could afford to clear evasion counters more than most, but she’s still going to be super swingy. You might get lucky with some early Dive Bombs and be able to rush her.

Try adding a partner and playing two-handed if you really want to attempt a run at GMW! It’s just a really overcurved campaign, and techs against Rocket hard. I can vouch for this deck against pretty much any other scenario (not VG), solo however.

Jun 27, 2022 rstorcdk · 4647

@journeyman2 It's actually quite easy to record. I just use OBS to record from Tabletop Simulator, then slap on the intro in pinnacle studios and upload it on YouTube. My 2 other buddies from the channel do a lot more editing than I do.

Jul 27, 2022 Foleym2 · 1

I can't even describe how great this was to play in a minion heavy scenario. Absolutely burned through stage III Klaw with 36 health, Toughness, and a +10 from The Immortal Klaw in a single turn. Spider-Woman didn't even get a chance to play that turn. Incredibly fun stuff.

Jul 27, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@Foleym2 That is so awesome to hear!! Thank you for sharing your experience. I appreciate you!

It’s funny you bring up Spider-Woman. She was one of the partner decks for my two-handed tests! It became a race to see which hero could get their engine online quickest and one-shot the villain.


Jul 27, 2022 Foleym2 · 1

@journeyman2 Haha. I didn't realize it until right now. It was your Spider-Woman deck, as well. So thanks for an awesome game against Klaw all around!

Jul 27, 2022 journeyman2 · 18007

@Foleym2 That’s crazy hahaha. Glad you’re enjoying them both :)

Oct 09, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 6352

@journeyman2 You're going to need to find room for Marked in this deck somewhere now... :)

Dec 29, 2022 Yepesnopes · 17

Hi! Your deck seems it can be tons of fun, but I am failing to beat consistently Klaw Expert (it is the villain I use to test my decks). Could you give further insight, may be on how to approach this villain with this deck?

Jan 12, 2023 journeyman2 · 18007

@Yepesnopes Sorry for the delay! Klaw is a great matchup because his schemes are perfect for Rocket and he has plenty of low hp minions to overkill!

Mulligan for Thruster Boots as always so you can clear the acceleration scheme immediately. Flip aggressively while setting up, especially without a chump or before Cybernetic Skeleton is out. Even if the main scheme goes, it just means pulling another minion for your events. Don’t worry about the 0 SCH Armored Guards and leave them alive. If survivability is an issue, you can add more Moment of Triumphs or ally chumps.

There are also some new cards I’d swap in. I would handily replace Marvel Boy with Sunfire.

Psylocke is also perfect for Rocket, and would probably replace Energy.

Hope this helps!

Sep 12, 2023 ArkadiosErasths · 22

Just tried it versus Green Goblin (minion heave) and once I started rolling I was unbeatable. The excess damage did so much, I was practically drawing halve my deck in the last 3 rounds. A few relentless assaults in there and no minion heavy enemy could stand a chance.

Oct 01, 2023 dachmuse · 1

Fell in love with this deck at Con of Heroes 23 and enjoyed playing with ya @journeyman2 Keep the awesome decks comin!