Aldrif Odinsdottir


Asgard. Guardiano.

Costo: 0.
Punti Ferita: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 0.

Risposta Obbligata: Dopo che Angela è entrata in gioco sotto il tuo controllo, cerca nelle 10 carte in cima al mazzo degli incontri 1 gregario e mettilo in gioco impegnato con te. Mescola il mazzo degli incontri. Se un gregario non è stato messo in gioco in questo modo, scarta Angela.

Gamora #11.

This is an auto-include for Thor. Another 0 cost card to proc "Have At Thee!" along the lines of Defender of the Nine Realms with the upside of a 3 health, 2 attack ally. She is also tutorable with For Asgard!. Angela could also be useful for other decks running cards like Into the Fray who want to have a legal minion target most turns.

Butthorn · 11
Damn right!!! Incredible for Thor! You don't mill the encounter deck as with defender of the nine realms, you choose from the 10 cards of the encounter... put in play a 2 hp minion, draw 2 cards, get rid of the minion with Angela and you still have a 2 dgm attack and a block next turn. Absolutely insane value! — neothechosen · 10156
Sorry it won't let me put more likes! — neothechosen · 10156
If there is a 2 health minion... — zephyr100 · 25
Bah! You could pick a 5 hp minion, attack with Thor too and it still would be a deal. And since this is aggro you'd probably include into the fray or relentless assault or there's always hammer throw... Angela still is incredible any way you look at it. — neothechosen · 10156