Triples make it safe. Triples is best

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theromeo3517 · 1700

Triples make it safe. Triples is best.

This deck, like so many of them do, came out of an effort to make under-tuned cards work. In ths case, the cards are Go Down Swinging and Save the Day. Here we go!

Many copies of multiple man

What's the best thing about Multiple Man? That's right, there is three of them. Most of the time that means 3 chump blocks for 1.66 Effective Resources each. Pretty good! But what else can we do with 3 cards that cost 4 sitting on the table?

Deck summary

Bullet points up front if you don't want to read through all of it

Expensive allies

The cost curve of this deck is pretty high on purpose. Each ally should hang out with 1 health left until you draw into a sacrifice event, Go Down Swinging or Save the Day.

  • Multiple Man The linchpin card of the deck. Play him the first time you see him so you get all 3 out. If you end up discarding one of them, Call for Backup can get him out of the discard and still play the other 2 from the deck.
  • Nick Fury You know him, you love him. Nick pays for himself partially with card draw and is a 4 cost sacrifice
  • Karma Note that if she leaves play while your controlled minion is alive, you lose it. Make sure your minion-ally dies, then do a 4 cost sacrifice
  • Black Panther Good for grabbing a sacrifice event if you have allies, or a Pheromones if you don't. Another 4 cost
  • White Tiger Only 3 cost, but drawing cards is always good. Even if it's only 1 draw you net -4 cards for 6 damage (or 6 thwart for -5 cards) with a sacrifice, not bad. at -2 or -3 cards that's crazy value.
  • Captain Marvel In testing, I rarely played her. But she does draw cards back and cost 4. An option if you need it!

Little guys

  • Kaluu and Brother Voodoo are just so good in Spider-Woman, usually they hit more than 1 event and you have a good choice of what you need. Starhawk is nice just as a cheap ally you can pop back to hand if needed, and gives you a green card to play for the stat boost.

Setting up and staying alive

Pretty typical Spider-Woman stuff here. You want Finesse and Deft Focus out early. The Triskelion is nice to have so that Multiple Man doesn't discard all of your other allies when he comes out late. Jessica Drew's Apartment pays for itself If you flip down once; almost always worth it.

Ideally you aren't flipping to alter ego much, and relying on Contaminant Immunity to heal and tough yourself. Muster Courage can also give tough to allies so they can block while waiting to be sacrificed. Or you can give tough to other heroes in multiplayer. I recommend only playing Muster Courage if the villain is on phase 2 or higher though. One tough isn't worth it


The great thing about Go Down Swinging and Save the Day is that they are cheap ways to get your aspect play in for Spider-Woman's +1. With those and Spider-woman's hero cards you should bet to 3/3/3 pretty consistently. Use Go Down Swinging and Venom Blast for damage, jack up them stats, and hit multiple basics with Self-Propelled Glide and you'll be slaying villains in no time

Side deck

  • Quincarrier: Can help if you're having trouble affording things. I found it was generally too expensive compared to finesse and deft
  • Judoka Skill/Armored Vest: Initially I built this deck to basic defend a lot. And if you want to do that these are helpful for reducing damage. Tough cards ended up working out better though
  • Warpath: You can do some cheeky playing with Pheromones during the villain phase, and he's a 4 cost. But if you do that, you don't carry the +1 blue card boost into the next hero phase, so he got cut
  • Professor X: He's too good. I get bored with this guy. Put him in if you want
  • Forcefield Generator: Another way to prevent damage. Expensive for 3 damage reduction, but maybe you want that
  • Establish Perimeter: it's another tough if you can afford to thwart it.
  • Make the Call To grab one Multiple man from the discard maybe? That gives you a blue card play and not a green though, so it didn't make the cut


Thanks to @journeyman2 and @inigomontoya for feedback while deckbuilding! Let me know if you have any fun games with this deck, or interesting card substitutions! Have fun!


May 07, 2024 andyr · 5468

Love this! Looks like a great build and I can’t wait to play it!!

May 07, 2024 Man-is-Obsolete · 4384

Ah alright this is going to work out, I got triples of protection decks now.

May 07, 2024 tjjj · 134

triples is safe

May 08, 2024 krautbammer · 125

My wife, she's sick... But she's gonna get better. Tell the kid.

May 08, 2024 journeyman2 · 21942

I’m rich, I don’t live in a hotel, I have a wife. You know me. Oh good, looks like the deal on that Nova is gonna go through

May 08, 2024 theromeo3517 · 1700

I think you should leave quotes is the new marvel CDB meta

May 09, 2024 Proust · 44

Great deck, but why don't you use "sneak attack " for the big avengers ?

May 09, 2024 josseroo · 677

Multiple Man is the ultimate pro wrestling jobber

May 09, 2024 theromeo3517 · 1700

@Proust sneak attack works great as a combo, but there's no space! Captain marvel would be my choice for building to that idea

May 10, 2024 dr00 · 41336

really fun deck. i couldn't resist the urge to include at least one Make the Call though and then pressure the protection player to sneak one of their Multiples Man into their discard so i could get 4 out on the table at the same time

Jun 06, 2024 N1GHTCRAW73R · 26

Just tried it out twice. I got greedy against standard crossbones, tried for a rush and got him down to 2, then died. Second game was Klaw and I took time to setup. It went very well. What a fun deck and a kewl way to make some otherwise useless cards sought after in a deck!