Avenger. Mystic.

Costo: 2.
Punti Ferita: 2.
Attack: 1. Thwart: 1.

Risposta: Dopo che Kaluu è entrato in gioco, cerca nella 5 carte in cima al tuo mazzo 1 evento → aggiungi quell'evento alla tua mano. Mescola il tuo mazzo.

"Ti servirà il mio aiuto in quest'impresa."
L'Ombra del Titano Folle #14.

A surprising card to not have a review yet and one of Leadership's staple allies. With 15 events in your deck, you're above 90% to hit an event in your top 5 (not considering other information about your discard + hand), and you're above 60% to see 2 or more, which provides powerful selection that is much better than simply drawing a card. Kaluu is very easy to use since the Response doesn't care if you're in Alter-Ego or Hero, and it is an "enters play" ability, not a play from hand ability, so it works with Make the Call or Rapid Response. I'd say about 12+ events is where you want to be to play Kaluu, but even less can be acceptable if your deck wants to dig to a specific event. Easy inclusion in many Leadership decks

Stretch22 · 540
Spot on great card, I almost never play a Leadership deck without him. — vintagebuyer_80 · 43