Aereo. Guardiano.

Costo: 2.
Punti Ferita: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 1.

Interruzione: Quando Starhawk subisce un ammontare di danni esattamente pari ai suoi punti ferita rimanenti, rimettilo nella tua mano.

"Io sono colui che sa."
I più Ricercati della Galassia #12.

Starhawk is fantastic.

  • A 2-cost ally, which is already good - can attack/thwart and then block
  • Can repeatedly thwart, at a ratio of 2 resources to 3 thwart over two turns, which is above rate in general, but especially helpful in Protection which is weak at thwarting
  • Can go combo mode and attack for 2 and thwart for 1 every turn, which isn't necessarily amazing if you are paying 2 resources/turn for it, but is decently spicy if you're paying for it with cost reducers (e.g. Team-Building Exercise)
  • Another combo option is to have him attack into enemies with Retaliate, allowing you to immediately repeat as much as you can pay for. Not very efficient, but for Protection, sometimes you have hands where you just want to be able to do something with your cards.
  • gets more efficient if you can apply static buffs (e.g. Boot Camp, Team Training) in a multi-aspect deck or with help from a teammate
Fry · 239
Especially good with Knowhere, as between him and your other allies you should be drawing every turn. Also, good for Adam Warlock because you can pull him back and spend him for battle magic if you draw a hand that's all basic and identity cards. — OrionJA · 8