Dark Spider-Man with symbiotic issue

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Dragul · 14

This resembles a thematic, but also quite viable build for Spiderman. I was thinking of the dark Spiderman with Venom "coating". And I wanted to give him Weapons, which the standard Spiderman in my eyes would not touch.

So basically everything is about Symbiote Suit and an aggression-based build.

With Symbiote Suit Spiderman is quite tough, while having enhanced basic values and hand size. The tanky build brings a lot of hit point loss, perfectly balanced by the huge amount of regeneration Aunt May gives you. So beneath Symbiote Suit, Aunt May is a very important part of the build. You will have a lot of damage potential with cards like Swinging Web Kick, Hand Cannon (especially in combination with Symbiote Suit and Combat Training), minion control with Into the Fray, while the potential of this card as thwarting machine is enhanced by Honed Technique and Follow Through. The latter also helps you with the Overkill-Damage caused by Hand Cannon, perfectly for taking out several low-life minions. And it gives a decent amount of Healing when used in combination with Moment of Triumph. Looking for Trouble helps you together with Angela get your minions for the upper tactics, even giving you thwarting or damage on top. Furhter help with your Damage is given in a constant way by your allies: Black Cat, the standard spidey-ally with no consequential damage, further enhanced by Sidearm, and Bug enhanced with Energy Spear, and always clearing the consquential damage when using your basic attack can do some amount of damage. Nick Fury is sort of your joker when things get complicated and Tenacity lets you reactivate to use another basic attack (for example). For resource issues, which will almost never be a problem due to your spider-sense-ability, I added Avengers Mansion to the deck.

So, turn to your darker side, and get ready to shoot. But be aware of the negative effects of the suit (additional treachery card!). Have Fun!

Edit: Better to change Avengers Mansion with a Quincarrier, could easily help you with Honed Technique. Thanks to Stretch for that brilliant suggestion!


Mar 24, 2023 Stretch · 387

Love the theme! Web-Shooters to pay Honed events, and a Sidearm and Energy Spear for Bug is brilliant since you can keep him out. Avengers Mansion is such a tough add for me, that cost is high, but get it early and it's gold!

Mar 24, 2023 Stretch · 387

Think I'd go Quincarrier to make sure you have the resource for honed events.

Mar 24, 2023 Dragul · 14

@Stretch Thank You for your appreciation. I think you are right, Quincarrier would be a very strong improvement! Good Idea, thank you!