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VillainTheory · 25014

♪♫♪ "We're goin' Rogue, Rogue, in an earlier round!" ♪♫♪ "And shugah, we're goin' down swingin'!" ♪♫♪"

♪♫♪ "I'll be your number one with a Bullet(proof Belle)!" ♪♫♪ "A loaded ghost complex, web it and pull it!" ♪♫♪

Finally we have Rogue - and she packs a mean punch! As an X-Men hero, she's particularly powerful - but do you know what else is both strong and fun? No, I'm not talking about Fallout Boy's music. I'm talking about the Web-Warriors.

Let me introduce you to: Spider-Rogue!

The synergies are nearly endless! Here are just a few of the amazing interactions:

If you like this deck, feel free to give it a ❤ ! Thank you!

One of Rogue's "weaknesses" is her lack of any resource generator in her signature cards along with her expensive events. It can make her feel clunky. So that's why we add SIX resource generators! The more resource generators we have, the higher our chance of seeing one or two of them early.

Mulligan hard for any of Avengers Mansion, The X-Jet, Web of Life and Destiny, Clarity of Purpose, X-Gene and Deft Focus. Rogue's Jacket is also a very valuable card to look for!

Web of Life and Destiny is most important, but only if we have a Web-Warrior ally in hand we can also afford to play, followed by X-Gene! With that said, playing Web of Life and Destiny for its full cost is better than discarding it.

Getting a Web-Warrior ally in the discard pile is very valuable, since we can cheat it into play through Make the Call which bypasses the need to have the Web-Warrior trait. This is how we set ourselves up to get Web of Life and Destiny in for free! And also how we start playing other Web-Warriors before we may have found it.

And once we have one or two resource generators, the world is our oyster. Anything spare? Throw it into Plan B! Note that you do not need to play every resource generator in your deck, but with Rogue's high cost and the high card draw from this deck, your resource generators always have targets!

Now we can afford anything we need, we can take full advantage of Rogue's events - and they are immensely powerful with status cards on demand as well as powerful damage and threat removal.

And, once Gambit is out, you can use Superpower Adaptation when Touched is on him to grab any of those events you need! Or put Touched on a Web-Warrior while Gambit is still in play, and use Superpower Adaptation to grab Beauty and the Thief repeatedly from the discard pile!

With the card draw from Web of Life and Destiny and Avengers Mansion, and the ability to use Superpower Adaptation like a Make the Call for events means that an amazing turn is practically always available.

My advice is to use your allies aggressively. The Web-Warriors are so good that you do not need to block with them, and with so many stuns, Tough status cards, heals, and confuses to go alter-ego and heal, Rogue barely needs them to block! Use Go Down Swinging if your army grows too huge from the powers of a recurrable Across the Spider-Verse.

Good luck, have fun! :D (And credit to Fry for helping with the Rogue-fied lyrics at the beginning!)


Feb 24, 2023 dr00 · 41342

loaded gun complex, cock it and pull it!

now that song's stuck in my head all day lol

i really love Make the Call for any deck that can cheat in trait-specific allies, and Rogue seems like a perfect candidate since she can also capitalise on that trait. i've been enjoying her with the ol' reliable Strength In Numbers, Stinger, Avengers Tower wombo combo. it's legitimately very strong, especially since she can give herself a boost with Uncanny X-Men. and there's plenty of AERIAL allies to keep up the kickers. i'm also enjoying Protection WW with Rogue. while she can't cheat any allies in, she does get to build an army of them, being able to use practically all of them (just having to choose between 1 of the two Miles).

Feb 24, 2023 VillainTheory · 25014

@dr00 The song is still stuck in my head even now haha! And yes, Make the Call is really very good for her - more so than usual on other heroes! I looked at Protection Web-Warriors but it just seemed less consistent to me - and Clarity of Purpose is so good.

Small note, putting Touched on an ally gives you the Aerial trait anyway. You don't need Aerial-traited allies to get it!

Feb 24, 2023 dr00 · 41342

I mean you only have aerial while it's attached. with energy transfer, you can keep the aerial trait from the initial placement and gain something else like overkill or something

Feb 24, 2023 VillainTheory · 25014

@dr00 It's a lasting effect, you keep the traits until the end of the turn! :D

Ruling 219:

Feb 24, 2023 VillainTheory · 25014

@dr00 Nope, my mistake I wish I could delete comments!

Definitely going to have to look out for more Aerial allies.

Feb 25, 2023 NelsonAllOver · 4589

Loved playing this, so much depth and some really fun combos!

Mar 11, 2023 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7733

I'm playing around with Rogue in Green with Web Warriors, specifically Peter Parker to touch, gain the Web Warrior trait and then ready after Peter activates. With Med Teams down, it seems like a pretty solid use of Touched.

Curious if you found in your testing that you would Touch Peter, or other Web Warriors. If Peter is intended to be healed, you think I need to load up on other Spider-Folk?

Mar 12, 2023 VillainTheory · 25014

@NelsonAllOver It was good fun seeing you play the deck. Glad you enjoyed it so much!

@teamcanadahockey2002 Nice! This deck basically does the same, but instead of healing Peter it just recurs him. Med Team is better but in that respect but I feel like the rest of Leadership is better than the rest of Protection. So that's one of the big trades.

But that aside, yes I'd definitely agree it's a great use of Touched. It's in the write-up for this deck too. It doesn't particularly matter which Web-Warrior you Touch as just getting the trait enables Peter to ready you. And any basic Web-Warrior let's you recur Across the Spider-Verse with Superpower Adaptation.

Putting Touched on an ally hurts Bulletproof Belle but I generally think it's a mistake to play around that card. It's exceptional but, if you're putting Touched on the villain for Retaliate, then you're going to end up stunning and/or confusing it with your other events. And using those statuses also disables Bulletproof Belle. I like to think of it as a great bonus when it lines up but not to worry too much.

So I say getting 3 THW from Peter Parker + Rogue's Jacket is great value and is definitely worth using Touched.

If you're playing Web of Life of Destiny? I'd definitely go all in on Web-Warriors. Silk, Miles Morales, and perhaps Spider-UK - you can play all of them without a Web-Warrior in play, and that enables the trait-locked few from basic.

Just taking Peter is putting all your eggs in one basket. It could work if you're running multiple allies you want to Med Team, but Protection doesn't have a ton - otherwise you're playing Web of Life and Destiny for no card draw or you're not playing Web of Life and Destiny and then have no Across the Spider-Verse - which means you're very reliant on having the right resources for Peter's requirements when you find him.

Mar 22, 2023 darcnite3000 · 1

@VillainTheory as far as i can tell rogue cannot use X-Gene as it requires the person to have the mutant trait, and it's for identity only events

Mar 22, 2023 VillainTheory · 25014

@darcnite3000 So X-Gene actually comes with Rogue's pack, all the X-Men traited heroes so far all have the Mutant trait when alter-ego. In much the same way that Ingenuity must be played by a hero with the Genius trait (only found on alter-egos), X-Gene must be played while an X-Men hero is in their alter-ego form.

After playing it, you can use it in any form. As you say, it's only for identity-specific events - and Rogue has 13! 10 of which are valid targets.

Mar 22, 2023 darcnite3000 · 1

@VillainTheory dont mind me... read the text again. for some reason i thought you had to have the trait to use it... :P

Mar 27, 2023 Average 3-4 Multiplayer · 21

If I were to make Protection build out of this deck is only because the Dauntless is giving her Retaliate which kicks in her event's bonus. With Energy Transfer and Med Team, she could max out her health almost all the time. However, I like your idea that leadership out of this deck. I might personally add some ally-readying cards. Will try this deck on Expert GMW campaign soon. Hope for the best.

Sep 05, 2023 Alatreon · 95

Now obviously she'd love Build Support and Call for Backup in there. Which cards would you replace with them?