Costo: –.

If Touched is attached to a:

Minion − Rogue's attacks gain overkill.

Villain − Rogue gains retaliate 1.

Ally − Rogue gains the AERIAL trait.

Hero − Rogue gains stalwart.

Miguel Sepulveda
Rogue #2. Rogue #1.
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The signature card in Rogue's deck, how you use it each turn will determine some additional riders for the rest of her kit.

Most turns it will probably be on the villain, setting up retaliated, stronger attacks (if Rogue's Jacket is in play) and debilitating effects from Southern Cross or Goin' Rogue.

This also makes her Cyclops's best friend, as a free upgrade that you can drop on enemies every round, teeing them up for an optic blast.

MightySchoop · 16