Get Over Here!

Q: Can I use Get Over Here! to re-engage with a minion that I am already engaged with?

A: You cannot engage an enemy that is already engaged with you. -(Developer Ruling, Hall of Heroes)

The Night Nurse

Q: If my hero has a "Tough" status card, do I have to remove it in order to heal 1 damage by Night Nurse?

A: That is correct. You do not want to have Night Nurse heal you while you are tough. -(Developer Ruling, Hall of Heroes)

Energy Barrier

Q: If I have 3 copies of Energy Barrier in play, can I trigger all of them if a minion with 1 ATK is attacking me?

A: No, you cannot trigger more than 1 Energy Barrier unless you would take more than 1 damage because you resolve them 1 at a time. After you resolve the first one, there is no more damage left to trigger the other ones. -(Developer Ruling, Hall of Heroes)

Battle Fury

Q: Can you use Battle Fury and use another card to prevent the 1 damage to my hero and still ready my hero?

A: No. You must pay the cost fully before you can trigger the effect. If the cost is to take a damage but you prevent the damage, then you have not paid the cost and therefore cannot resolve the effect. -(Developer Ruling, Hall of Heroes)


Q: Can I defend with an ally so that my hero does not take any damage in order to trigger Unflappable?

A: No, Unflappable only triggers when you defend with your hero and take no damage. -(Developer Ruling)

Q: What happens if I defend and the villain attack deals no damage, but one of the boost cards for the villain attack is Concussive Blast. Can I activate Unflappable or did the damage from the boost ability prevent me from paying the cost?

A: The wording “after you defend against an attack and take no damage” means that you only check after the attack resolves, and you’re only checking to see if you take damage at that time. The effect does not check if you took damage during the attack. -(Developer Ruling, Hall of Heroes)