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Goldballs is a damage-dealing powerhouse and Groot is here to make sure he becomes all that he can be.

Mulligan hard for Goldballs to start. You are going to then want to get an Honorary Guardian upgrade on him and keep using First Aid to keep him Poinking out balls. You can then add an Energy Spear to pour on the damage and a Sidearm for more damage and immunity to retaliate.

With all those cards being discarded by Goldballs, we might as well lean into discards with Gamora, Rictor, White Fox and Digging Deep.

Groot is going to be playing a lot of defense and relying on his superpowers and growth tokens. Deft Focus will make that all easier and and Ready to Rumble should buy him a quick trip to alter-ego to heal and replenish growth tokens. Professor X can do the same with confusion or the professor can get a double turn out of Goldballs or Legion.

A pretty straight-forward deck with a Voltron Goldballs. A bit weak when it comes to thwarting however, so focus on wearing down your villain quickly before they get you out of hand on threat.


Apr 02, 2024 andyr · 3852

The deck name and deck author name combo is just too perfect together! But also, this looks like a solid deck. Plus, my house still can’t keep a straight when someone says “I’m going to attack with Goldballs!”