Spider-Woman Stand's Together

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KakitaJamie · 285

LCG Discord Card Spotlight


Goal to build a deck that features the current spotlit card: Stand Together

Let me start by saying... this card isn't good. 4 cost for a block and some damage that requires 2 exhausts during the Villain turn isn't good. The one upside to this card is that it doesn't have a stat requirement.

My initial thoughts were, find a hero that had multiple resource generators that could work with Stand Together and belonged to a Guardian or Avenger. Captain America, Thor, Spectrum, and Spider-Woman all fit. Add the Avengers all get Quincarrier and these felt like good choices.

Spider-Woman felt like the choice. I already wanted to have Guardian allies and a small amount of Avenger allies. Why not use more than just Stand Together and add one of the other Alliance cards. I went Aggression for 2 reasons: 1.) As One! is the cheapest 2.) The Guardian/Avenger allies in Aggression the cheapest.



Two Finesse, Quincarrier, and to a lesser extent Deft Focus are the priority. These allow you to afford Stand Together and still have a turn.


Getting out a Guardian ally is first priority, higher attack the better. Second priority is an Avenger ally, higher attack the better. Obviously you don't need an Avenger ally but exhausting an ally is way better than Spider-Woman.

Alliance Cards

Stand Together with all of the resource generators out will allow for you to only discard 1 card to play. That will leave you with 4 cards to play As One!, a Spider-Woman Card or another Ally.


Self-Propelled Glide is a hidden gem for this deck. It's a 1 cost you can play off of Deft Focus and it readies Spider-Woman if you had to use her for Stand Together.

Boot Camp

The boost from Boot Camp adds to As One!. It also boosts Cosmo, who works well with Jessica Drews Double Agent ability. Great card to get down.


Justice - Problem Solvers could work too but there is no Boot Camp equivalent in Justice and the allies are more expensive.

Leadership - Joining Forces is really powerful if you can get the hands to line up. However the selection of Guadian allies in Leadership are poor.

Gamora/Spider-Woman team up - In multiplayer, I'd change to a team up with Gamora running Justice with As One! + Problem Solvers along with Spider-Woman running Stand Together + Joining Forces.


Aug 05, 2023 SpanishMalcolm · 50

Valoración del mazo:
Control de la amenaza: 4,7 sobre 5,0
Daño: 5,0 sobre 5,0
Motor de recursos: 4,5 sobre 5,0
Protección / sanación: Sobrepasado
Motor de robo: 2,6 sobre 5,0
Control y estados: Sobrepasado
Valor global del mazo: 4,3 sobre 5,0

Deck Rating:
Threat control: 4,7 out of 5,0
Damage: 5,0 out of 5,0
Resource Engine: 4,5 out of 5,0
Protection / Healing: Overrun
Draw Engine: 2,6 out of 5,0
Control and statuses: Overrun
Overall deck value: 4,3 out of 5,0

Aug 07, 2023 Theberg123 · 1334

This looks way more balanced than I thought a concept like this would look like, really sweet execution!

How have the Power of's felt? I'm always worried about being resource screwed, but you definitely have plenty of outlets for either. I guess whether you want to play those or some generic resource scaling depends on what the tempo of the matchup feels like.

Cool deck again!

Aug 07, 2023 KakitaJamie · 285

@Theberg123 The 'Power of' slots are personal taste for me. On one hand there is the chance you get flooded. On the other hand, you end up with early turns where if you play Stand Together and because you don't have a double you're not playing anything else that turn. The fact that her hero kit has cards she can play off of them helps justify them also.

Overall, I think they are cuttable but be careful what you put in that slot so as not to ruin your curve. Personally I wouldn't cut more than one of each. I'd also cut Aggression before Protection.