Costo: 4.


Azione Eroe (intervento): Esaurisci 1 personaggio avenger e 1 personaggio guardiano → rimuovi da ogni trama X minacce, dove X è pari all'INT combinato di quei personaggi.

Valkyrie #33.

Wow. I know players can't give other players resources, but assuming other players in a multiplayer game can exhaust their heroes and allies (with the correct required traits) in order to satisfy the requirements for this card to trigger . . . BOOM! Potentially massive amounts of threat gone from the board in a single turn!!! This card will definitely find a welcome home in the right decks. :)

bmay511 · 214
Other players can help you pay resources, as per the "Alliance" keyword on this card. Can remove a lot of threat but very expensive to play! I would want to see at least 3 schemes out — Stretch22 · 273
@Stretch22 - Yep! Some villains (and modular sets) bring out a *ton* of side schemes, so best usage of this card would definitely be in that kind of environment. And I actually hadn't looked up the definition of the "alliance" keyword yet when I typed my initial review. Expensive, but great card in the right situation! — bmay511 · 214
Would you be able to exhaust 2 heroes (if your partner agrees), since it is part of the cost? — warboykurgan · 1
How does it interact with allies like Wiccan (as the Avenger) "Response: After Wiccan thwarts, discard the top card of the encounter deck. For each boost icon discarded this way, deal 1 damage to an enemy." Would or wouldn't Wiccan be considered to be doing a "thwart" and thereby also taking 'consequential damage' (as per 'consequential damage' rule)? — Sluggie · 1
@Sluggie - It's a thwart event, meaning it's your hero doing the thwarting. The cost of the effect is exhaustion, but nowhere is it stated that you actually thwart with the exhausted characters. — Alatreon · 25