The Evil Witch!

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BravoNull · 2

Welcome Champions! Have you ever wanted a sort of PVP in Champions? Or did your gaming buddy take the last soda so now you want some sweet revenge? Well than this is the deck for you!

Scarlet Witch has been famous since release for her ability to burn through the encounter deck at an astounding pace. This deck takes that and pushes it to the max, but NOT for the other player's benefit. You see, this Wanda is the real mastermind behind the villain's plan...

The wording on the cards really matters, with the differentiation between who a card can affect is pretty huge. Consider Hex Bolt. Mostly the 3+ boost effect. Usually one would stun/confuse an enemy or give a friend a tough. However, evil Wanda doesn't want that: she wants her Villain puppet to defeat the other pesky heroes! Stun and Confuse your fellow heroes to slow them down, or give the villain a tough! (This wording also lets her heal the villain with First Aid)

One Way or Another is usually used to pull a weak side scheme for some easy scheme-cleaning rewards. But with this Witch, we can pull the most devastating side scheme for the heroes to try and beat. (Bonus points for confusing them first!)

Wanda's power allow her some forms of mind control, as the usual good guy Agent Coulson helps her diabolical plans! He can pull out a Spycraft to mill through the weaker encounter cards and pull a truly nasty side scheme for our friends to deal with, or to keep Wanda safe from her puppet breaking free of her control! Keep Coulson out, he's what let's you play those Spycrafts!

The valiant Heimdall has also fallen to the Witch's side! Use him to mill through the encounter deck, block villain attacks, and to destroy any minions who dare attack the true evil mastermind! Blindfold also helps with this.

The Field Agent and Helicarrier, along with Coulson, are to trigger Global Logistics. Use these to discard four cards from a hero's deck, or to set up a devastating array of treacheries and minions! Shadow of the Past can be devastating, especially when delivered at a pivotal moment!

Venom and Symbiote Suit are here to hand out more encounter cards, and the Pulse Grenades will help you mill that encounter deck faster!

Finally, Scarlet Witch's Crest, along side of her hero ability, lets us boost the power of the villain's activation!

There you have it, this is the Evil Scarlet Witch. Enjoy!