Law of Another World (English Translation)

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Translation of a deck created by the DecksFactory team. Original link at

Introduction: Law of another World is a deck oriented to adequately control threat in schemes while taking advantage of Gwen's ability, transforming her into a potential pseudo-Quicksilver.

Main Strategy: As a fact to take into account, the vast majority of cards have the word "Interrupt" or "Response", so we are going to be activating Ghost-Spider twice per phase, which makes her a very powerful hero on the table.

The most important cards we have to play are George Stacy, Heroic Intuition and Web-Bracelet. Heroic Intuition gives us a better thwart; George Stacy is a support that keeps our best events; and the Web-Bracelet can makes us draw cards when an event with "Interrupt" or "Response" is activated.

Offensive Tactics: Ghost Spider's basic attack is 2, and we are going to use that practically every turn. Once this is done, playing Ghost Kick or Phantom Flip would ready her again.

On the other hand, every time we removes all threat from a scheme, we can play Turn the Tide, causing another response, so we have another way to ready Gwen. Finally, to enhance her attack we have added Adrenaline Rush. With all these, the villain can only cry like a baby.

Threat Control: Managing threat is something that, at first glance, is Ghost-Spider's weakness. Well, that cannot be farther from the truth. To start we have Heroic Intuition to increase our thwart. Once this is done, the following will come into play: Making an Entrance, which, in addition to being an "Interrupt" event, will increase our thwart while readying Gwen. Another card to take into account is Civic Duty, which will further enhance our thwart.

After the change from alter-ego form to hero form we would use Lay Down the Law, which, in case you hadn't noticed, is a "Response" that can ready Ghost-Spider after healing her.

Keep in mind that the allies that we have included in the deck will mainly help us to manage the threat in schemes.

Defensive Tactics: Don't be afraid to defend with her, because you have cards like Web Binding, Pirouette and Punch or Warning, which will deal damage to the villain, nullify an attack or prevent damage; and since all these are "Interrupt" or "Response", again time to ready Gwen. And if things get tough, we will turn to those allies who served us well in serving justice, thanks to THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP.