Costo: 1.

Risposta Eroe (intervento): Dopo che hai cambiato sembianza, rimuovi 3 minacce da una trama (4 minacce se invece hai pagato questa carta usando una risorsa ).

"Forse questo ti insegnerà una lezione!" - Capitan America
Ant-Man #31.
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This card is simply For Justice! that costs one less and only works when you switch into hero form. So the relative usefulness of this card depends on how often you switch forms. For ordinary characters with one hero form, you can only use this if you draw it while in alter ego form, rarely more than 50% of the time and usually less, so you want to give this to a character who loves their alter ego form and switches to it constantly.

cnalexander · 120
It'll also now work for other form changers like Kitty, Vision and Spectrum's mass form changes — cbergle · 1