Costo: 1.

Interruzione Eroe: Quando un eroe effettua un intervento base, riceve +2 INT per quell'intervento. Dopo che quell'intervento è terminato, se il tuo eroe ha rimosso tutte le minacce da una trama in quel modo, cura 2 danni al tuo eroe.

Venom #13.
Entrata Teatrale

Finally, Justice gets some healing and it's a reward for doing what Justice does best -> thwarting. This helps your hero stay in hero form longer which also helps keep threat down to a minimum. Combine this with Turn the Tide and now you're thwarting, healing, and dealing damage all in one shot.

DoxaLogos · 143
Will add my two cents, with Spider Woman this gives her +3 thwart with her aspect card ability. You can also use it to set up Clear The Area nicely. — Glockenspeel · 2