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VillainTheory · 24398

Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning? ...It gets +1 ATK.

Thunderstorm + Boot Camp = +2 ATK to all allies!

Now, with these in play:

  • Brawn deals 15 damage total and removes 5 threat
  • Angel deals 12 damage total
  • Angel with Attack Training deals 25 damage! (5 ATK, 5 HP!)
  • Wolverine with Attack Training deals 6 damage per attack with piercing!

Aggression ally Storm does NOT take prisoners.

If you like this deck, feel free to give it a ❤ ! Thank you!


I have tested this deck against the following villains with their regular modulars:

  • Expert Magneto
  • Expert Klaw
  • Expert Mysterio
  • Expert Thanos


This deck is built around the simple concept of giving good allies an amazing ATK boost and watching them carve a path of destruction. Boot Camp is a +1 to all your allies, while Thunderstorm gives every character an additional +1.

With +2 ATK, the value you get from your allies increases exponentially. And, as long as you also block with allies, giving the enemy +1 ATK barely matters.

Needless to say, this deck brings a lot of allies. Some are excellent damage-dealers. Others are mainly there to block villain attacks - but the blockers can also deal a lot of damage too!

In my opinion, your mulligan priorities are (in order of importance): Storm's Crown, The X-Jet, Helicarrier, Utopia, and Boot Camp. In subsequent turns, once you have at least one resource generator out, Boot Camp becomes your top priority.

Note: Forge helps as an additional way to find The X-Jet or Utopia early - but I only recommend playing him on Turn 1 if you don’t have any of the aforementioned cards in hand!

Note: Storm’s base kit comes with excellent threat removal, enough to cover for solo play without adding additional threat removal cards. This is why this deck functions as a solo deck and a multiplayer deck despite being so heavily focused on damage!

Eye of the Storm

Managing Storm’s weather supports is the most challenging part of playing Storm, but also the most rewarding.

Ideally you want to see Thunderstorm in play at least once every turn because the deck is based around allies. The more allies you have out and attacking, the more value Storm gets from Thunderstorm.

While Thunderstorm also boosts enemies’ ATK, this can largely be mitigated by blocking the villain’s attack with allies.

You can also mitigate giving your enemies’ +1 ATK by going alter-ego - which is also the perfect time to make use of Psylocke and Professor X's confuses.

In multiplayer, you need to coordinate more with your team. In 2-4 player, unless you want to upset the other players, try to avoid ending the turn with Thunderstorm up unless everyone agrees to it! With that said, multiple players all benefiting from +1 ATK does tend to outweigh the negatives in most cases - just not if someone is at low hp!

In an ideal world, in multiplayer, you will draw Weather Goddess. In which case, you can call for an action at the start of the first player’s turn, bring Thunderstorm into play, then call for an action at the end of the last player’s turn and use Weather Goddess to change to a different weather. Doing this gives everyone the benefits of +1 ATK through the entire hero phase - with no downsides!

Thwarting and Other Weathers

Hurricane is your next best weather. With 3x Torrential Rain, 2 threat removal every other turn from Hurricane, and the ability to get 2 THW and ready from Storm's Crown and Storm's Cape, you can handle the threat in solo play - all without adding a single card to thwart! It’s very powerful. And the Retaliate is an added bonus. (Brawn, however, is a valuable addition to keeping the threat under control while pushing the villain toward their doom.)

Again, be careful in 2-4 player. There’s nothing worse than multiple players all having to suffer Retaliate damage because you got stuck with the wrong weather out!

Clear Skies is excellent as stalwart doesn’t only prevent stun/confuse, but removes any stun/confuse tokens already out! Use it to cleanse you or other players - just be careful not to remove stun/confuse from enemies. Aside from that, this weather should mostly be used when you either a) have a bad hand and are fishing for options or, more likely, b) you need just one more resource to make an amazing play with the cards you have in hand!

Since this deck mainly blocks with allies, we do not use Blizzard very often - but it’s occasionally useful, notably if there’s a minion with a nasty When Defeated effect in play that you can blank with its “Special:”. Hydra Soldier is one of the best use cases, and it’s particularly effective against the entire Acolyte modular set as well!

General Strategy

Focus on playing allies but be careful! It’s easy to get lost in the amazing value of their ATK stat. Try to make sure you keep at least one ally at 1 hp to block with as Storm's defense is her biggest weakness - until you get Storm's Cape in play, she has just 1 DEF and no built-in status cards. Don't forget to keep an eye on the threat too.

Just a few allies are often enough to defeat the villain, the most important thing is to survive while they do it.

Depending on what upgrades and weathers you have out, your allies’ damage can vary wildly. Here’s an example of the crazy total damage an ally can deal when using all their hp to attack:

  • Angel on his own = 6 damage
  • Angel with Thunderstorm = 9 damage
  • Angel with Boot Camp and Thunderstorm = 12 damage
  • Angel with Attack Training = 15 damage
  • Angel with Attack Training and Thunderstorm = 20 damage
  • Angel with Attack Training, Boot Camp and Thunderstorm = 25 damage

For context, Ronan’s final stage on Expert has 25 health per person.

While you’ll likely have to slay a few minions with your allies and thus not all of their damage will go onto the villain, the point is that your allies can get a lot of work done very, very efficiently! Rely on them to damage enemies while Storm keeps the rest of the game under control.

While Lightning Bolt is an excellent card for some additional damage, as a rule of thumb you should try to focus on playing allies - and only start zapping directly when the villain is either near defeat or there is nothing else you could do to strengthen your board state.

Alternative Cards

First and foremost, Deft Focus is a great option that supports all your amazing hero cards. The "downside" is that it doesn't do much for the rest of your deck, but if someone else is bringing Danger Room Training, playing as Colossus or Wolverine (so you can't take the allies), or someone is playing Protection (and so you no longer need Endurance), this should be the first thing you add.

Another copy of Boot Camp helps for consistency but, with Thunderstorm, Aggression allies, and a base ATK of 2, you normally have enough damage for the early game when solo - so, as valuable as it is, you can afford not to play Boot Camp. With that said, I have managed to play it as soon as I find it in almost all of my test games. This is why there is only 1 copy - still, another one is a fine option you might like to pursue.

In 3-4 player, when there are more minions in need of clearing and other heroes can cover thwarting and defense, I would then strongly recommend swapping in another copy of Boot Camp - you can even play the spare later on your Leadership player!

And, if you are playing multiplayer, also consider changing a couple of the non X-Men allies out for Dust or Magik.

Sentry is another amazing ally who gets huge value out of Boot Camp and Thunderstorm.

Combat Training is also a great option that, had I more room in the deck, I would definitely include. Especially in multiplayer where, as already mentioned, you can afford to go all-in on the damage.

Good luck and have fun!


Nov 15, 2022 Honorary Marleyan · 1

love this, when i saw storm i thought red leadership as well. btw ive been following your decks lately and i must say love reading your deck break downs. gj man.

Nov 15, 2022 wedgeex · 38

Welp, time to put away those Dive Bombs and sleeve this up.

Nov 15, 2022 Nuriel-kun · 1

Ally atack deck without Tigra? ;) Apart from that - great job!

Nov 15, 2022 VillainTheory · 24398

@wedgeex Just wait until we get a Jetpack card and Wolverine can get aerial and Dive Bomb haha!

@Nuriel-kun Tigra was actually in my first version of this deck - but the deck had too many high health/long-term value allies that you didn't want to block with. And since Storm's defense was constantly proving to be her biggest weakness to me while minions didn't stand a chance anyway, Tigra got cut for allies I could play more cheaply and block with like Throg.

You could definitely add her back in and do very well with her!

Nov 15, 2022 VillainTheory · 24398

@MCAddict Thanks too! Glad you enjoy them! :D

Nov 16, 2022 wehehe · 162

Storm has just been released and she went directly into my TOP 5 of favourite heroes. Her climate deck is a very fun mechanic to play, and I think she has the most powerful defense event in the game. Flash Freeze is just nuts, it works in every attack of the villain... In a game against Expert Mutagen Formula, it saved me because Green Goblin made 2 additional attacks against me...

I really love how are you making the most of it with this deck. I was planning to build an Aggression cyclops to pair with a Leadership Storm (to combine Thunderstorm and Boot Camp with Exploit Weakness), but seeing this changed my mind, I'll swap aspects.

Nov 16, 2022 Jones · 1

"You can also mitigate giving your enemies’ +1 ATK by going alter-ego - which is also the perfect time to make use of Psylocke and Professor X's confuses."

Is her weather deck not active while she is in alter ego? Waiting for my physical set to arrive and have not seen her full rule book yet.

Nov 16, 2022 VillainTheory · 24398

@Jones Ah, her weather deck is active there - I will rephrase that part! Thanks for bringing my attention to it.

What I mean to say there is that the villain doesn't use their ATK stat when you're alter-ego (specifically in solo play) so you don't suffer the downside from boosting their ATK.

Nov 18, 2022 VillainTheory · 24398

I've renamed the deck after learning about a popular Thor deck that had the same name (Ride the Lightning) - sorry if there's any confusion!

We've gone from a Metallica song reference to an AC/DC song reference.

Nov 18, 2022 KillerKlaw75 · 1

Do you think this deck will still work mostly well if I tried to stick to just X-Men allies for thematic purposes?

Nov 19, 2022 VillainTheory · 24398

@KillerKlaw75 Absolutely! Doing so will make Utopia easier to trigger too.

Nov 20, 2022 KillerKlaw75 · 1

Just got a chance to try this deck in 4p, and I highly, HIGHLY encourage considering Dust, especially in multiplayer games!

There were 13 minions total in play between all 4 of us (we were starting to feel overwhelmed). But then I put Dust in play and was already fully set up.

Dust gets 1 Attack +1 from Thunderstorm +1 from Boot Camp +1 from Attack Training = 4 dmg to ALL 13 minions! That's 52 dmg for cost 3!

Then I played Game Time and did it again, and cleared all minions from play!

Granted the stars had be aligned to make this happen, but it might have been the most epic turn I've ever had. Thanks again for the deck!

Nov 24, 2022 Str0ngstyle · 1

I played a game with this deck and Expert Sandman.

She didn't even have to cycle her deck one time. good job.

Jan 11, 2023 Sippik · 13

Hello ! Just discovered this deck and I will try it very soon with my friends! I just have a rule question concerning the point below:

"In an ideal world, in multiplayer, you will draw Weather Goddess. In which case, you can call for an action at the start of the first player’s turn, bring Thunderstorm into play, then call for an action at the end of the last player’s turn and use Weather Goddess to change to a different weather. Doing this gives everyone the benefits of +1 ATK through the entire hero phase - with no downsides!"

How can you call for actions outside of your turn? I should miss something but I thought you can only use "Action" and "Hero Action" during your turn?

Jan 11, 2023 Satteda · 1

Hi @Sippik “Action” is a type of triggered ability. Players are permitted to trigger action abilities during their turn, or by request during other players’ turns." Copy-paste from the updated rulebook 1.4 on hall of heroes website

Jan 12, 2023 Sippik · 13

Wow. I never new. Is it the case since the very beginning of the game? And does it mean you can play cards during other players turns as well? As for example For Justice, can you play it anytime to maximize your chances to get the bonus effect?

Helicarrier seems much more interesting as well now that I know that. That's mindblowing, I play the games since the release and never played this way :O

Jan 25, 2023 lkmyst · 14

@Sippik Yep, both Learn to Play & Rules Reference state: 'Ask another player to trigger an “Action” ability on a card in play they control or on an event card they might have in hand. The other player then decides whether or not to trigger the ability. (Another player may offer to use an action during the active player’s turn, as well.)'

Jan 27, 2023 guyheinz · 1

Great deck—very versatile. If you happen to have Wolverine and Colossus out together (which I highly recommend), both with Attack Training, and Thunderstorm in play, you just chop down the villain in no time. So far it has beaten Expert Klaw, expert Sabretooth, expert Project Wideawake, expert Master Mold, and expert Mysterio. I can’t wait to try this deck against Magneto, as I’ve failed every attempt against him with Colossus and Cyclops. Great job—I enjoy all your decks and their write-ups!

Mar 01, 2023 Nivji · 10

Really excellent deck !

Mar 14, 2023 eldiablo · 1

Also works well with a leadership deck:

Mar 22, 2023 VillainTheory · 24398

@guyheinz @Nivji @eldiablo Glad you're all enjoying the deck!

A heads up for any readers, now that Rogue has been released, X-Gene makes a great addition to this deck!

Mar 30, 2023 Castlefrank47 · 252

This deck is awesome. Storm quickly became one of my favorite characters due to the weather mechanic. I initially started her out with a leadership deck and had pretty good success, but this deck is even better. Thanks for putting it out there!

Jun 24, 2023 Arczi · 1

Another great Storm deck of yours. Super aggresive, very fun to play.

Oct 04, 2023 DirkMercy · 1

You are brilliant VT

Nov 07, 2023 rhettmatic · 1

@VillainTheory any card in particular you'd cut for X-Gene?

Apr 12, 2024 gutbomb · 1

Hey Villian, love the deck and your content bro. Is there any cards you would update at the current pool?

Apr 14, 2024 UrinalSharts · 51

@VillainTheory I came here to ask the same as @gutbomb

May 22, 2024 BlndTger · 1



Having an interest in this deck, I opted to share some of my insights with you in an attempt to "update" this deck. My philosophy is to maximize the use of Attack Training and Game Time by removing some of the current Allies with newly printed X-Men, though I will be mentioning one interesting Non-X-men too. Some very strong card types have been added to the game since Mutant Genesis was released. So lets get in to it.

Next Evolution Potential Additions:
This is a tough "collection" to pull from as the X-Men trait doesn't exist. The strength in this set comes from Player Side Schemes mostly.... they're stonks. But one ally stands out…

Deadpool - 12 dmg recurring in exchange for acceleration tokens. The boss won’t be alive long enough for it to matter hopefully.

Specialized Training - It's strong and gives you more card draw. Another great feature here, often not noted, is that this permanently thins the deck. Thus leaving less clutter in your deck “late” game.

Build Support - there are lots of options for targets here. (Boot Camp, Danger Room, Ororo's Garden, The X-Jet & Utopia). This one also potentially helps thin 2 cards from the deck as your support will hopefully remain on the board.

Age of Apocalypse Potential Additions: (up to Iceman)
Back to the X-Men trait.

Legion - 20dmg. But with various upsides that could occur... 2dmg, 2threat removed, or 2health every use of your basic... There are no WILD cards in the deck, so we never miss. 5 HP, so 2-10 damage, 2-10 threat, or up to 2 more swings on the board (8more damage and 2 triggers)...

Triage - 6dmg, but more importantly gives someone else more time on the board. Scared to Loose Wolverine, Colossus, even Legion?

Shark-Girl - is an x-man so can be equipped with attack training. 5atk. 20 dmg minimum if she hits fully equipped, could be more based on the scenario. And only for 2 resources.

- 16 dmg. Could remove up to 4 Threat.

25dmg and ignores Guard. She needs testing to ensure her other ability is viable.

Personal Takes:
Legion is my number 1 addition to the deck, so far. There are 3 more "X-Men" identities still to be released. So hopefully there is more to look forward to. A new support or upgrade could be possible, but likely more grey Allies a this point.

-1 Brawn
-1 Psylocke
-1 Thor
-1 Throg
-1 Endurance
+1 Build Support
+1 Legion
+1 Triage
+1 Shark-Girl
+1 Beak