Ms. Marvel Potential Signature Deck

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Flea 603 · 2

Only publishing to play on TTS

When we eventually get the campaign, I might want to play Ms. Marvel Justice, and this is a starting place. There will likely be future cards I want to swap in, but this can be version 1.

Cards that feel critical

Concussive Blow, Daredevil, Mockingbird, Lockjaw,

Cards that could probably be replaced

Invulnerability, Jessica Jones

Cards I don't know about

I might not need 3 copies of For Justice!. This current setup is looking to do Concussive Blow, and Sneak By is nearly as good, and I can retain a single copy indefinitely if I want to, with Biokinetic Polymer Suit + Helicarrier playing it for free.

Do I need more than 1 Under Surveillance? Maybe add 1 and remove 1 Followed?

Cards that I could include

Depending on the hero Mari plays, I could add a Heroic Intuition for her, but maybe I will be able to deal with threat ok by myself.

Black Widow Additions

Stealth Strike seems pretty cool, but maybe I don't need it. It costs one more than big hands and lets me thwart an extra 2 only if I killed something. On second, thought, I don't think I want to include it.

On the other hand, Quake is a cheap blocker that could do some extra damage in the right situations.

Dr. Strange Additions

I think would like to find a place for Foiled!, although it can't be boosted by Shrink. Maybe a single copy? I feel like it could save one's bacon, and since Ms. Marvel will always be flipping back and forth to alter-ego mode, this could likely be played. It isn't actually a 'thwart' event though.

Warning IS a 'defense' event, and while it is much worse than Wiggle Room, having 1 might be nice.

Solo Playtest Against Klaw + Bomb Scare

Pretty good. Got down to 2 HP once, and I sometimes did not have the right type of event when I needed it. Maybe I should add back a For Justice!. Also, in multiplayer I should probably have 1 Heroic Intuition. I can probably go down to 1 Avengers Mansion.


Jul 14, 2020 Bowser · 37

I'd find a place for Nick Fury. Since Ms. Marvel can regularly get a large hand of cards, he is pretty easy to play. And his utility is fantastic. I'll often stash him under Bruno until just the right time.

I have made room for 2x Stealth Strike in my version. I find Ms. Marvel can struggle against minions, and In my few plays with this card, I have found it helpful.

I think Foiled! and Warning just don't do enough to warrant a spot in this deck. And while I love Lockjaw for theme, I think I have maybe played him once in all my games with Ms. Marvel.