Matt Murdock



Costo: 4.
Punti Ferita: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 2.

Risposta: Dopo che Daredevil è intervenuto, infliggi 1 danno a un nemico.

"A volte penso di ottenere più risultati con i miei pugni che col mio studio legale."
Set Base #58.

Pros: On paper, assuming you thwart 3 times for max value, you're looking at 6 threat removal and 3 damage (split into single damage hits for easy "tough" removal!) for 4 cost. That is pretty insane.

Cons: A little slow, and in a heroic difficulty game, 4 cost is too high for some heroes to get onto the table.

I think, overall, Daredevil is really strong and is a must include in most Justice decks, barring only decks that need to keep a low cost curve.

ecamel · 11
I meant to say: 4 cost is unpractical for some heroes (the Hulks in particular), and in a heroic difficulty game, it is a bit slow on tempo. — ecamel · 11
Yeah, the cost is high, but tends to be worth it. I usually wait for two resource cards to come in hand before I try to play him unless I really need the thwart. He's great for pinging off tough status as well. — DoxaLogos · 224
Daredevil is a great target for First Aid. Two resources for 4THW/2 damage is good value. — adsarf · 386
Can you deal the damage on the last thwart? After daredevil thwarts suggests he will already be defeated from consequential damage — jmmeye3@gmail.com · 30
Based on the Tigra ruling, "The “After Tigra attacks and defeats a minion...” condition is checked immediately after Tigra defeats a minion with her attack power, but before consequential damage is applied to her. -", I am almost certain Daredevil would deal damage on his last activation, too. — Blackhaven · 17