Decked Halls 2021: Spider-Man Sleuths

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KennedyHawk · 15469

Welcome to Decked Halls 2021 - Each year KennedyHawk (me) from the MCM crew puts out some decks near the holidays - this will probably be our last year making a deck for every hero so I wanted to try something new. What I'll be doing is visiting each characters preconstructed deck and reconstructing it. Each character will be able to drop 10 cards and add 10 replacements from other sets. Characters will stay in their preconstructed aspect. Cards are limited by a playset (how many you have in your collection if you buy one of every pack). So by the end we will be making some real sacrifices. Watch for audio casts on the MCM podcast and youtube feed in the coming weeks going over these decks.

If you are hesitant to deck building you can try using these decks in your collection as a new set of preconstructed decks that fine tune each one.


First up are the core set heroes - here is a Spider-Man deck with a few thoughts.

Peter Parker came with a preconstructed Justice deck (in the learn to play at least) and we really kept his justice package almost intact. One of the strongest pieces of Peter's kit is his Aunt May and her ability to almost instantly fill up your health. We went all in on this using health as a resource theme and included an extra copy of Great Responsibility, once acceleration tokens are out or in multi-player Spider-Man can use this art fitting card to prevent a ton of threat! Then flip down the next turn and heal up and prepare to do it again.

To enable this flipping we've added one copy of Sonic Rifle - we also added three copies of One Way or Another and Making an Entrance combined with the already included Heroic Intuition Spider-man will be able to Thwart for 4 and often heal for 2. Giving Spidey even more healing potential. We had to cut Surveillance Team and Interrogation Room but I don't think either of those cards are missed by Spider-Man.

You should be sleuthing the streets looking for side schemes to clear while maintaining hero HP and absorbing threat with your Great Responsibility. With great responsibility, comes great power or something like that. You'll note we kept both copies of The Power of Justice because they help fuel For Justice! and ensure we can get our Heroic Intuition and Sonic Rifle out early.

I hope you enjoy this reconstructed version of Spider-Man. What cards would you remove or add to Spider-Man's precon deck?

Happy Holidays!


2 Interrogation Room

2 Surveillance Team

1 Tenacity

1 Helicarrier

1 Emergency

1 First Aid

1 Avengers Tower

1 Haymaker


1 Sonic Rifle

1 Skilled Investigator

1 Endurance

3 Making an Entrance

3 One Way or Another

1 Great Responsibility


Dec 06, 2021 alehandrof · 1

On the podcast you mention that Great Responsibility is thought of as a weak card. I think that’s because in solo it’s really only effective if you draw an advance or other card that makes the villain scheme while you’re in hero mode. If it worked in AE it would be great!