Spider-Woman and her sidekick. Leaders of Justice.

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wehehe · 177

This is a fun deck I've been testing in the last days.

Your primary target is to play Captain Marvel, with Sidekick and Sky Cycle. I tried this before, to be able to activate Captain Marvel twice a turn but having only 3HP, you were very restrained. Thanks to the additional HP and healing from Sidekick, this is now possible.

When building it, I restrained myself to a maximum cost of 2, to be able to abuse "Superhuman Agility" as much as possible, so, thanks to that, and the card draw from One Way or Another and Strength In Numbers, you usually end your turn as a 3/3/3 or 4/4/4. Abuse your readies (Side-by-Side and Self-Propelled Glide as much as possible !) Also I tried to stay away from any non-aspect cards, just for the same reason, maximize triggering "Superhuman agility"

Do not chumpblock if it is not imprescindible. You need your cheap allies to draw you cards with Strength In Numbers. Sometimes, even a Captain Marvel is better to be exhausted whit it than activated, as this will save her one damage.

The deck can surely be improved. Probably Call for Backup would be better than Suit up here, as it will allow you to put Captain Marvel into play faster. I was also thinking in Chance Encounter, to tutorize allies as needed, but I feel very comfortable with the deck as it is.

I also considered using Inspired or Reinforced Suit, to voltron Captain Marvel, but my leadership slots are very tight, and adding two more leadership cards, would have increased the deck size to 46 (2 leadership + 2 justice).

One way or another, this deck let's you abuse the Strength in Numbers with a cheap horde of allies. Join your Sidekick and lead them to crush your favourite villains !


Jun 11, 2024 adsarf · 388

I like the fact that you have both One Way or Another and Strength In Numbers in this deck. That's really committing to the card draw!

Jun 11, 2024 wehehe · 177

Also, being both at cost 0, they are great options to trigger Spider Woman's boost. It's not a rare thing to play both of them in a turn, and then a Venom Blast or Contaminant Inmunity to raise your stats to 4/4/4.