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Incredibul · 2782

This is a Spider-Man Protection Deck which I successfully tested in Solo against Expert Ultron with different Modular Sets.

Concept In the Core Set, Spider-Man Protection didn't really work well in solo. There was not enough Threat reduction, and small Damage to handle Minions was hard to come by with Swinging Web Kick the only card in Spider-Mans own Kit to do damage. The solution was to put Allies to work, with Black Widow and Nick Fury beeing the only ones to handle threat, and heal them up with Med Team (which was awkward for Black Widow, as she only has 2 health), and trying to Stun Lock the Villain with Mockingbird and Webbed Up.

So when Ms. Marvel and Captain America Decks hit shelves, I tried again to do a more counterattack/hit the villain deck for Spider-Man Protection. I thought that Tackle with it's 3 damage could be used for more stun lock, but also to hit a minion if needed, and Nova could handle small minions. Tackle needs and Nova needs , so this needed some additional cards.

It failed miserably against Expert Villains for the same reasons as before: No Threat Reduction, and small minions where more of a problem. Now, Protection doesn't have to be all about reacting to the enemy attacks, and I think Protection is missing a way to handle Threat at least if played with Spider-Man. Spider-Tracer alone just doesn't cut it. So I went back to the healing ally deck that barely could handle Expert Ultron in the Core. And suddenly, the magic happened.

Threat Reduction The problem with the deck before is that the only ally with 2 threat reduction (and I don't count Nick Fury here, as what we want is something consistent that can be healed with Med Team and First Aid) was Black Widow. Bummer, with 2 health she could only remove threat once until you had to heal her. Very inefficient! Enter Lockjaw. Another ally who can remove 2 threat, making the deck much more consistent. And Lockjaw is incredibly consistent. Usually, you play him from the discard, which means he basically costs only 4. You got none of the 5 healing cards? No problem, remove threat with his last 2 health and immediately put him into play again. If he removed threat only once, he's ready for healing. Bonus is a single copy of Honorary Avenger. Put it onto Black Widow or Lockjaw and suddenly, they can remove threat once more without dying. Next round you might then have that healing card!

Minion handling: Ping them to death Luke Cage can do a lot until his 5 health is used up. He is basically a 10 damage package. Since Spider-Man often defends, he basically can take that role from Spider-Man for 5 rounds without having to be healed. Of course, in the first round, we switch it and Luke Cage can do the defending. Black Cat brings consistent Ping. She and Luke Cage together will usually be enough to handle most minions, and if opportunity arises, put some damage to the villain. Nova has such an excellent ability that you should always try to use it, and keep him on board. Energy Barrier is just a fantastic value card and super flexible. It heals for 3 and does 3 damage for just 2 resources.

Villain handling: Control Now, Spider-Man himself with his fantastic 3 Defense usually blocks for the allies. That's right, you usually won't block with an ally unless it's a fresh Luke Cage with Tough or you want to exchange an ally and are at your ally limit. Your healing cards are not only for your Allies, but also for Spider-Man. In solo, going to Alter-Ego is always a bit dangerous (especially against Rhino and Ultron). So don't worry, there is enough healing in the deck for Spider-Man and your Allies. Webbed Up with a full board of Allies basically means you can bring in damage two rounds in a row without blocking (there is always encounter cards, but then again, if anyone can handle those, it's Spider-Man with his excellent Enhanced Spider-Sense. So we are looking at 14–16 Damage to the Villain. Mockingbird is also fantastic as you get the stun in. Preemptive Strike is also just a good value card, as in it's best case heals 3 and deals 3 damage for the cost of 1.

Notable Exclusions Tackle was the reason I wanted to build the deck, but in the end, I went for the ally/healing route. I thought that the card can do the stun lock and also handle, if needed, Spider-Mans Problem of doing small damage. It turns out Spider-Man has enough Stun as it is in his deck, and you need a resource to do the damage.

Counter-Punch is too conditional. It only works against the villain, you have to defend, and you lose a resource. It has a resource, so it's fine in a deck with Tackle, but Spider-Man doesn't really need it. The card's value is highly dependent on the Attack Value of the Hero, and Spider-Man isn't exceptional.

Nick Fury is a bit contrary to the idea of healing allies and keeping a persistent board, plus with 6 allies, the deck has enough on the table. That being said, the options he provides are still very attractive, so he might reappear. Lockjaw does work better in this deck, however.

Only one of Avengers Mansion and Helicarrier. I usually prefer to put two copies of one or both of them, but in my first tries, the Resource Package seems to work even if they don't show up early. The Power of Protection does work nicely as I use the more expensive cards of Protection, and the Web-Shooter help to smoothen the turns.

Possible Changes I am not that big of a fan of Indomitable in this deck. Still, 2 copies made it in, but I seldom used the card. It sounds like the super value card for Spider-Man, but I feel that's for another style of Protection. With all that healing, the bad case that you get a Gang-Up or another reason like a big minion to defend a second time can be mitigated easily, especially with so many allies on top of that. I already removed one from the deck in the process. If you don't need to defend a second time, it's a card that costs 1 (for the card) to deal 2 damage or remove 1 thread with Spider-Man. In Multiplayer, it gets much better as you reliably can defend twice, so it stays for now.

Still, since it costs only 1 resource and can sit around, there is not a lot of competition for that card and you can just build it if opportunity arises and since it has , you can use it for Nova.

Multiplayer I think if a deck works in solo, it's strong in Multiplayer, and I always felt Armored Vest is the worst buff card of all aspects to put on other player heroes, as there are very few that actually defend, especially if you defend for them. Since other players can handle threat better, this frees up a lot of healing that you can provide, so the basic premise of the deck is already strong in Multiplayer. So I feel there is no real need to side-deck. Since Indomitable gets much better, you might consider putting another copy in and consider remove Black Widow if Justice is present.

Final Notes I really am impressed what the developers of the game did with the Ms. Marvel Expansion. Protection seems to really evolve to the second ally-based option besides Leadership. It already worked in the Core Set, but now it's much more consistent. The more punchy Tackle/Counter-Punch Deck option means there are two options to build Protection, but I feel not the right fit currently for Spider-Man, as he lacks Thwarting (that beeing said, since he can stay in Hero Mode a long time, he does decrease Threat, but he has a hard time handling side schemes). I hope Dr. Strange will be a Protection based Hero and bring some "look into the future" style Protection cards that have something to handle threat.


Jan 09, 2020 EtiCaraSoft · 1559

Hi! I'm playing him also in protection style. I like your deck a lot. I found the same problem with threat I like the Lockjaw idea I'll try it. I found Tackle to be a great card, you can always do 3 extra damage like a mini web kick.

Jan 09, 2020 Incredibul · 2782

Hi, yes, actually Tackle is one of the notable exclusions — I found out that with so many Allies, Energy Barrier and Nova, I have enough small damage to handle Minions, and not consistent physical Ressources (of course, Web-Shooter mitigates that to a degree

Mar 17, 2020 EtiCaraSoft · 1559

I found Heimdall to be an excellent ally. It's costy but thw for 2 with his 4 health and med team becomes amazing. I'm testing Second Wind as a 2 of but the more i play the more i like tackle it's a 3 damage almost all the time, I found Endurance to be a great card as we want to stay as long as possible as spiderman.

Mar 18, 2020 Randoom · 21

hey great deck! mi only doubt it's about Get Behind Me!, i think it's a great card to counter some encounter cards that gets you a hard time

May 10, 2020 Zacaldo · 1

I've been enjoying the fun of the deck, for sure but against Expert level baddies. I like the theme of Spidey being a protector and Im trying to come up with a protection deck to work alongside a Aggression or Justice Iron Man. One one big problem is I have yet to use Indomitable well. If you had to choose two other cards besides Indomitable into the deck what would they be?