Phoenix Unfettered

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Stretch · 387

The strategy here is to become unrestrained in four rounds, stay that way, and avoid the Dark Phoenix. Basically, spies are babysitting to make sure Phoenix doesn't throw a fit and consume the planet in fire.

Mulligan for a spy and Spycraft. X-Gene is also great, but you could draw a Shadow of the Past in the first turn, so hurry. You should try to always leave a spy in play in case you draw a Spycraft.

Use Mutant Education to reuse her events over and over while unleashed. If your HP are low, grab Telekinetic Shield and Telepathic Trickery. If you have a high minion encounter deck, Psychic Blast , Telekinetic Attack and Mental Paralysis are all good.

Also use Global Logistics to get rid of Shadow of the Past and Phoenix's obligation card. Once you've seen them in the encounter deck, you can use this card to make the villain phase easier. Blindfold also helps with this.

Thanks to Dragul for helping with this deck! Even with Mutant Education, Jean needed more events.



Mar 22, 2023 Dragul · 14

Nice Idea to use Spycraft to prevent the dark Phoenix to come. Unfortunately you can't use Cerebro to search your deck for a spy-character, since they are all not x-men. Perhaps the combination of global logistics and spycraft is much effort to prevent the dark phoenix (6 card, and 3 are preparations cards)? Maybe you could find some other Damage cards for multiplayer or thwart cards for solo play?

Mar 22, 2023 Stretch · 387

Noooooo. You're right about Cerebro. I'll delete this later. Crushing!

Mar 22, 2023 Stretch · 387

I think they should have made her more powerful than the mystics, but that's just me. I couldn't delete this, so I put up a newer version that's very solo oriented. Not sure I would risk bringing out Dark Phoenix to my group of friends, lol.