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ClassyRobot · 4548

Did you know Rogue can use her powers on Androids and take their powers, like a certain Blue Bomber stealing from Robot Masters?! Well…she can’t…except in Marvel Champions! With 10 readies, 3 cards to recur said readies, and plenty of sustain, we’ll show the naysayers Rogue has a real (re)purpose among the cast.

This is a repurpose always ready deck focused on the ally side of touched, utilizing Rogue’s unique trait taking ability to deal massive damage. Set up your board, borrow your allies traits, and go crazy.

Rogue has some great readies in her kit…and even better, she’s unique in she can recur readies.

Superpower Adaptation has a ready to target regardless of the ally you have out. Having Superpower Adaptation in hand means whatever ready you just used can be a target if the ally aspect matches, or just guaranteeing 2 readies that turn plus your basic.

Choosing who to give Touched can offer an interesting puzzle. Dauntless can help make the decision easier if you are able to stay healthy, however I would rate it as the lowest priority upgrade in the deck. Typically, it will be more beneficial in the early game to put Touched on the villain and get some status effects going to give you the needed breathing room to set up, as well as preventing the need to chump block. Once you are ready, you'll be utilizing your allies to set up OTK's with your Quicksilver levels of readying. So far, I have been able to get off 4 readies in a turn, resulting in 28 damage.

For those curious on the math that turn started out with 2 tech pieces out, Rogue's Jacket and Victor Mancha. Attach Touched to Vic, basic attack (2) use the one Repurpose in hand (+4) recur it with Superpower Adaptation to toss another tech (+6), Energy Transfer to the villain (+9 thanks to the 2 damage from the transfer +7 now that the Jacket is adding an extra ATK), and a Reboot for good measure (+7).Not too shabby.

Random note:

Rogue is only Aerial while having touched on an ally, so make sure you use Ever Vigilant before Energy Transfer onto a villain.

“No What Doesn't Kill Me??”

Reboot is a cheaper and more flexible version of the card, not requiring you need to heal is huge, especially since Rogue does a great job with her own sustain. She also has her issues of not generating resources in kit so you’re relying on the draw to play it any way. However, for those that prefer it, Enhanced Physique helps secure the required resource as the rest of the deck is varied in resources. I would definitely sub out Ever Vigilantfor it if that’s the route you want to take.

"No Forcefield Generator?!?!"

Rogue's biggest issue is her expensive suite of cards. In my playtesting it's just too expensive. This deck tries to stay under 3 cost as much as possible, allowing Rogue to either set up or do multiple actions in a turn. Also, in my testing, one of the biggest hurdles is an untimely Toughness spoiling the fun, and Plasma Pistol helps shore that up while being a prime Repurpose target.

"No The Sorcerer Supreme, "Go for Champions!" or Web of Life and Destiny?!"

It’s awesome she can use cards like these, but android Allies are the priority for this build. There just isn’t room, and there is already some great builds to showcase those.


Thanks for checking this out, and feel free to place Touched on the ❤️!


Feb 27, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4324

Android trait stealing was something I immediately wanted to try and you got a good decklist with a solid write up to support it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Feb 27, 2023 ClassyRobot · 4548

Great minds @Mikepelf! Hope it works out for you, and it’d be great to hear any tweaks or ideas you have!

Feb 27, 2023 dr00 · 41243

yoooooooooo this deck is great. someone in one of my discord chats suggested Reboot for her, and i had a brief look at it. i was totally invested into trying to get Pinpoint in there at some point though lol. i hadn't done any testing to trim it down, but this list looks so clean. i love the Repurpose as well.

have you tried Energy Barrier instead of plasma pistol though? does it not work because of the Forcefield Generators?

also have you considered Symbiote Suit? i feel like it's so helpful for getting Dauntless online.

looking forward to your thoughts. can't wait to try it out!

Feb 28, 2023 ClassyRobot · 4548

Thanks for checking this out @dr00! The only issue with Pinpoint is you’ll need to build around champions, making Reboot tougher to use but could supplement with What Doesn't Kill Me.

Forcefield Generator didn’t make the cut due to its cost. However, Symbiote Suit could definitely circumvent that issue. That hazard icon always makes me cautious to use it though. Maybe even add The Sorcerer Supreme for a 7 card hero hand. Dauntless loses it’s value in this deck as the game goes on, as the focus turns to readying. and the barriers and pistols doing what dauntless is gonna do (minus the status effect). You do have some options in the build. Would love to hear what you come up with!

Feb 28, 2023 neothechosen · 10312

Wow, really like this, I find your decks very interesting! Wished I could like a second time for the blue bomber reference too! Congrats!

Feb 28, 2023 dr00 · 41243

@ClassyRobot haha sorry. for some reason i read your list and thought it had Forcefield Generator and not Energy Barrier, so you can ignore part of my comment then lol. don't know how that happened :3

i'll definitely try your list with Symbiote Suit and see how it goes. you've definitely got a great list here!

Feb 28, 2023 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7626

Earths Mightiest Heroes is another fun add when Victor or Jocasta is out

Feb 28, 2023 ClassyRobot · 4548

Thanks @neothechosen! Just trying to keep up with decks like yours haha

@dr00 hope it works out! That extra hand size is so nice for her and it is tempting since she can be a base 4/4 depending on who has touched with the jacket out

@teamcanadahockey2002 nice call out! My only issue is I abuse Victor with minion blocking so I think Hangar Bay might be good to make sure he’s always ready

Jun 06, 2023 alehandrof · 1

I don’t quite understand what is the purpose of Enhanced Physique in this deck. Is that purely in case you include What Doesn’t Kill Me? In that case I think I’ll replace them with X-Jet and (as mentioned) Symbiote Suit. Hopefully Rogue can survive the tempo hit to make use of them.