Costo: 2.

Utilizzo (3 gettoni fisico).

Risorsa Eroe: Esaurisci Fisico Potenziato e rimuovi 1 gettone fisico da esso → genera .

Thor #34.
Fisico Potenziato

If you build a Hulk deck and this card isn't in it, you likely did it wrong.

With the Power in all of us and the free resource from Banner's Lab, you get ahead on the resources, and get stuck with less trash in your hand you have to discard!

Earth Dragon · 1456
You don't actually come ahead on resources which is a bummer with these cards (need to count the card itself as a resource you could have spent). In the combos you described, Power in All of Us and Banner's Lab are getting you ahead on resources, not the Physique. It's a nice option for decks that want frequent access to a physical resource though — Stretch22 · 557
You are transitioning the Power within all of us and a "dead" Banner's Lab resource in useful resources in later turns. That's the value you are getting. Power in All of Us is only a single resource to any of Hulks signature cards, so you are viewing it from a false lens to say that wasn't resource gain. — Earth Dragon · 1456
Actually, if you include no resources in hulk, you always have enough to get 1 3 cost or 2 1 cost cards. You need 2 resource gen to make it worth it (because of enraged). — zephyr100 · 25