Breaking the Sound Barrier

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VillainTheory · 24948

"Super-speed. Google it." - Quicksilver

Repurpose adds to ATK or THW, giving you huge stats. And the more you ready your hero? The more you can use those huge stats.

...Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Enter Quicksilver, who can ready once a phase, with a deck that has 12+ readies. He might not have the X-Men trait here but he's still excellent!

By combining the awesome stat boosts of Repurpose with all the readies of Quicksilver + Protection, this deck can do disgusting amounts of damage! (Or threat removal, but that's so much less exciting, right?)

Run so fast you break the sound barrier! Repurpose a few Energy Barriers too. See a barrier? Break it. Win.

P.S. Maximum Velocity stacks with Repurpose!

If you like this deck, feel free to give it a ❤ ! Thank you!


Quicksilver Repurpose has been a deck I've had in mind since Repurpose was released. While I've seen a couple of decks for him with Repurpose since, I wanted to build something less-focused on huge combos with the biggest numbers possible and more focused on reliably beating Expert villains in solo or multiplayer.

While technically a Protection deck, it is an all-rounder focused on output rather than defense - it doesn't want to protect anyone except Quicksilver! Make sure other players are aware of that in a multiplayer setting.

I have tested this deck at both 1 and 2 player on Expert with excellent results, and as an all-rounder it should do very well at 3 and 4 player too.

Accelerating - The Early Game

Hyper Perception, Reinforced Sinew and Friction Resistance are your three most important upgrades. This is followed by Deft Focus and finally Armored Vest then Accelerated Reflex. Mulligan hard for any of the first few.

The stat increases double the value of your readies on a non-Repurpose/Maximum Velocity turn, and generally give you the ability to deal with most issues as well as defend yourself. Until your stats are at least 2/2/2, you're going to have to lean on allies and Double Time to deal with minions and threat.

Fastest Man On Earth? - Watch Your Tempo

The good news is that Quicksilver is an amazing hero. The problem is that he starts off as a 9hp noodle with 1/1/1 stats. Survive the early game and you'll easily handle the late game.

Tech, especially Energy Barrier, is great to play too - especially with The Power of Protection. But it is not a priority. Likewise, Serval Industries can help set up some really powerful turns in the late game (Maximum Velocity and an Always Be Running are the ideal targets) but won't help you immediately.

You want at least one Avenger ally in play to use Earth's Mightiest Heroes but, sometimes, you'll be forced to block with them. And if you have to pass on them, pass on them.

You can't win if you've already lost. It sounds simple, but the key to Quicksilver is often knowing when to let a valuable upgrade pass by to keep up your tempo to maintain control of the game. All 11 of the upgrades here are really very good for him and sometimes hard choices must be made.

Breaking the Sound Barrier - Repurpose When?

When should you Repurpose? When you need to. Sure, building up a massive stash of Tech can lead to massive combos but, as before, you can't win if you've already lost. If you still have 2 counters on an Energy Barrier but Repurpose is the only way you can deal with a nasty side scheme? Do it.

The best time to Repurpose? That is once you are well setup with a good array of upgrades on the board. With the amount of readies Quicksilver, it's very easy to end the game in solo play by defeating all the villain's hp in one high-speed combo.

I recommend using Maximum Velocity whenever you draw it, and Repurpose every so often, until you have almost knocked the villain to their final stage. Then, perhaps with a little help from Serval Industries stacking your deck, you can annihilate their final stage in one go. It is, of course, possible to simply take out the villain in several bursts, and this is effectively how it will function in multiplayer.

Just remember different villains and situations will play out in different ways, and you should always be ready to adapt your plans.

Quick Words of Advice

With Friction Resistance, Always Be Running is essentially 0-cost, and Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Repurpose already are. With a hand full of readies, you can do obscene damage. Also, remember that Friction Resistance fulfills What Doesn't Kill Me's resource requirement.

Protection Quicksilver with allies, you say? But he can defend! Yes, he can - BUT he starts at 9hp and 1 DEF. You're going to want allies to defend you before you've found your +1 DEF upgrades. More than that, 4 out of 5 of them enable Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

While Machine Man might seem to be an odd pick on the surface, Machine Man and Friction Resistance go together extremely well. If you spend all your resources on readying, you're going to end up with one use of Friction Resistance you can't otherwise use. With this in mind, Machine Man becomes a 2 THW/2 ATK/3 hp ally for 2-cost (3 effective resources). That is both very strong, and very flexible.

Note that, if you're at full hp, remember that Blade likes eating spare What Doesn't Kill Mes. If he's not exhausted from Earth's Mightiest Heroes, let him have it!

Alternative Cards

If you're wondering where Unflappable is? After a great deal of playtesting, I had to simply give it up. It wasn't firing regularly due to his low starting DEF, and with so many vital upgrades it was coming in at the cost of essentials or simply not getting played. Adding more Forcefield Generators really help it and will give you bigger Repurpose turns - but denies you opportunities for What Doesn't Kill Me due to not losing health and, more importantly, with so many upgrades you already want to play? It's not worth the tempo, in my opinion.

On lower difficulties, against low-ATK villains, Unflappable is definitely worth adding back in.

Leading Blow is in the opposite situation to Scarlet Witch in that it gets worse as difficulties get higher and boost icons grow. While it can enable massive combos, it's effectively a dead card in the early game and often useless if you're drowning in threat and really need to deal with it. My original version of the deck had 2 copies, but I trimmed them away one by one in favour of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and never looked back.

Quincarrier is also another great card to consider. The trouble is, again, that Quicksilver already has so much to set up and Friction Resistance generates so many resources that, once it's in play, you often don't need more. But it is excellent and works well with What Doesn't Kill Me.

If there's anything else you need? Go ahead and drop a comment :)

Good luck, have fun, and go break some barriers!


Feb 10, 2023 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7579

My version of this type of deck uses Plasma Pistols, Tenacity and the Power in All of Us.

Tenacity is normally a poor card, but it you hit it with PIAOU, its one card for a saved ready which you can guarantee with Friction Resistance. Then the double grey opens up Plasma Pistols as worth while Tech to discard.

Feb 10, 2023 VillainTheory · 24948

@teamcanadahockey2002 Nice! Sounds like a fun combo. I've seen Tenacity in a few of Quicksilver decks and saving the ready is super useful.

One of the reasons I prefer this greener style is that I can just use The Power of Protection to ready with What Doesn't Kill Me for 1 effective resource cheaper while also healing for 2. It doesn't allow for such huge combos by saving the ready, but it will help you deal with immediate problems along with survivability.

Feb 11, 2023 teamcanadahockey2002 · 7579

@VillainTheory I usually find I want to pick either the double Green or Grey 'Power' cards... pros and cons to either strategy. Triggering What Doesnt Kill Me with a single card is a super strong effect though.

Although I like saving the free ready from Tenacity for the big turn, I find its very similar to how you described using your Repurpose... sometimes you just need to use it because its necessary based on game state. What I love is that once its down, Quicksilver doesnt really pay the kicker cost with Friction Resistance readying. That card would be so much better for all heroes if it didnt have the Physical Resource payment.

Feb 16, 2023 Marctimmins89 · 291

I love that this deck is all about Quicksilver and actually using his stats. Earth's Mightiest Heroes is an interesting include that I wouldn't have considered with only 3 Avenger Allies. What Scenarios have you playtested against? I'd like to see it up against a minion heavy scenario that forces you to go hard from turn 1.

Feb 16, 2023 VillainTheory · 24948

@Marctimmins89 Thanks! I don't remember all the scenarios, but I definitely beat Thanos, Mansion Attack, Crossbones, and Venom - all on Expert.

There's also 4 Avenger allies! It works well if you make an effort to keep one alive at all times, almost like a resource generator. Since Earth's Mightiest Heroes costs 0, you can use it to refresh Friction Resistance to pay for something else to help set your upgrades up quicker.

May 11, 2023 Werdandi · 1

Great idea but survivability is really low, should be fine on standard I guess.

I had more success mixing repurpose with typical defense build (Unstoppable, defense events...) and dropping some cards (The Power of Protection, Earth's Mightiest Heroes).

Still, cool idea to play to Quicksilvers strength. Thanks for sharing.

Dec 21, 2023 napierb1 · 1

This was an amazing deck — I didn’t have all the suggested cards, so I subbed in a few Leading Blows; I had an 18 damage combo, was amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Feb 15, 2024 boomguy · 550

Any reason you didn’t include Leading Blow?

Mar 10, 2024 DoxaLogos · 224

This deck is bonkers good! Another hero benefitting from Repurpose in a major way.